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Writing an Online Dating Profile

How to write an online dating profile effectively
by Stephanie Constantina

First a brief definition: an online dating profile is the photo personals ad that singles see when they search the personals. It is your advert to the world. You can post online a free dating profile by going here:
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When writing an online dating profile an important approach is to be able to see your work from another person's point of view. Why? Because then you will be able to see what kind of effect your profile might have upon other members of the dating service.

This is a useful tip to keep in mind. So how do you use it? You know how it is when you look through the profiles: various photos, dating profile headlines and introductory comments catch your eye, both for good and bad reasons. You can see at once which personal profiles attract you and which repel you. This has a lot to do with the accompanying photograph, it's true, but what the individual people say about themselves counts almost as much once you have got past looking at their photo.

Check out some sample personal profiles here:

Photo Personals

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If you can develop the mental approach of seeing your own profile in the same way, as if you were someone else, then you will have taken a big step towards seeing how effective your profile may be online. This will give you a chance to rewrite and edit your profile accordingly, until you get it right.

Not only can the ability to see yourself as others see you be tremendously useful when writing your online dating profile, but it has a use in other areas of the personals too, as well as in life in general.

For example, when it comes to contacting other singles who you have selected from the online profiles, or who have selected you, it can make a big difference to what you say to them if you can see your own words from a different viewpoint. Then you may avoid rambling on pointlessly, or coming across as selfish, or seeming too intrusive, to name but three possibilities.

But, how to develop this ability to see things from another's point of view? It's really just a matter of practice. When looking at something you have written yourself, ask yourself how would this 'make me feel if I had not written it' and had just come across it? Does the author of the piece of writing seem self-absorbed or genuinely interested in communicating with other people?

It does take practice, but it is well worth persisting with, because if you can develop this approach it will place you in good stead when actually dating other singles, and indeed, in pursuing a relationship. In time, it will become second nature to you to look at things from another's point of view, and so to help you in becoming a more considerate and caring person -- something we should all be aiming for. From little acorn's great oaks really can grow, and so from adopting this simple approach to relationships your whole life can ultimately be changed.

Taking time and making an effort with details such as these can make all the difference to your experience and success in using the online photo personals. Now look for examples of how to get photos right (and wrong!) above right.


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