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Can't wait to view the profiles of women seeking men in the UK? Just use the panel to the right -- type in the age range of women's profiles you want to view and select the county in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland -- then click the button! You will go straight to the photos and details of women looking for men. These are single women who are looking for love, dating or a friendship relationship...

However, if you are instead seeking a casual encounter then click here: Women seeking Men UK Adult Personals (warning: adult content).

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Women seeking men UK aged 18 to 32 - Photo Profiles
Women aged 18 to 32 in the United Kingdom - a direct link to their photo profiles!

Women seeking men UK aged 33 to 49 - Photo Profiles
Women aged 33 to 49 in the UK - direct link to their photo profiles.

Women seeking men in UK aged 50 to 60 - Photo Profiles
Women aged 33 to 50 in the UK - a direct link to their photo profiles!

Women Looking For Men in The UK Dating Scene

Now, you're either at this page because you're a woman who wants to find men for dating in the UK, or to turn the title of this page on it's head, you have reached this page because you're a man who is searching for women who want men. If you see what I mean? It gets complicated sometimes.

Whichever applies to you you've actually found a good resource here for UK dating so if I were you I'd bookmark it right away before it wriggles off your hook. You see, whether you're a man or a woman you can find the people you are looking for here, and at one of the best dating sites, PenPalsPlanet.com.

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Not looking for a dating relationship? Then don't use the women seeking men search above but click here for casual encounter UK Adult Friend Finder personals.

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Why is it one of the best? Well apart from having millions of members (show me one that doesn't say that) this one also protects your email address and personal details in a way that many don't. Yep, it's true I'm afraid. You have to be careful who you sign up with...

Getting back to the UK dating scene, it's clear that it's thriving like never before. More English guys and girls are now online looking for a date than has ever been the case before. But are they finding the women or men they are looking for? You bet they are! Whether you're in Birmingham or Leeds, Exeter or Canterbury you can find someone nice through our recommended site, PenPalsPlanet.com.

You know, in America they think it rains all the time over here. (Well, yes, I know, but not all the time!) In Spain they think we're a military nation with soldiers everywhere ("Where are all the soldiers?" a Spanish visitor once asked me). In the Far East they think we have very advanced technology and no countryside left. In France they call us 'Roast Bifs' (roast beefs becase of our typical Sunday lunch). Everyone outside the UK has an odd view of us, it seems, but we know how things really are here, don't we. I know I'm proud to be British.

Here's a video of Dating In The Dark (UK). Let me ask you, is this how women seeking men in the UK behave nowadays? Maybe I'm out of touch.

Women Seeking Men in The UK at PenPalsPlanet.com - Click Here

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