What Women Want in a Man

Find out what women really want in a man...

So, what do women want in a man? It's the question many men ask themselves when trying to fathom out the female mind and work out how to attract women and have a successful relationship.

And you know what, the answers need not be as complicated as some men try to make them. Women are not a different species, no matter that it may seem like that at times. What women want really isn't that hard to work out if you just put yourself in their shoes, so to speak, and look at it from their point of view. Many of the things that women want in a man are much the same kind of things that men want in a woman, with obvious gender differences of course. But the basic stuff may well be the same. We'll go into more detail on just what that is lower down this page.

But is what women want today any different from what they wanted in the past? The answer is not really, times may change and even the way in which people meet may change, but human nature pretty much stays the same.

Check out the information below the details of just what women really want from a man.

What Women Really Want In A Man

So, what exactly do women look for in a man? If you think it is film star looks and a fake tan you'd be wildly wrong. While it is true there might be a few who actually do want these things, they aren't the norm and are not what most women are looking for.

Most women want a man who is intelligent, honest and has a good sense of humour. Being honest means being truthful about who you are and what you do right from the word go. If you tell her you're an airline pilot when actually you work in a power plant then there's always going to be the suspicion at the back of her mind that you're not being completely open about other things, even when you are. As we all know -- or should know -- relationships depend upon trust, and trust depends upon honesty.

Intelligence, you might think, is a quality you either have or you don't. Not so, it turns out. People who do IQ tests regularly get better at them, for example. Whether this means that they get more intelligent, or not, my point is that it's not about how much intelligence you have but how well you use what you do have. Make an effort to act sensibly and intelligently, no one likes a fool who acts stupidly all of the time.

A nice smile seems to go with a sense of humour. But make sure your smile is nice, that your teeth are clean and flossed. If a man can keep a woman laughing then he's building a good relationship with her. But his humour needs to be smart, not stupid or juvenile.

With this goes good manners and a sensitivity to a woman. Respect her and don't impose on her what you want to do in matters such as places you go out to together. Also don't be afraid to show your feelings. A woman wants a man who is a real human being, not the strong silent type who never says much and whose thoughts are a mystery.

Be thoughtful, be considerate, be affectionate, all of thgese things can be worked on and improved if it matters to you enough. It all goes back to what I have said in other articles on this site, in order to find the right woman to date you have to be the right man to date.

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