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What Men Want From Women - How to Attract a Man.

What Men Want From Women

Just what DO men want from women? Find out below...

The question of what men want in women has troubled women down through the generations. It is something that every woman must ask herself at some point or other.

Yet, men are not really the complex creatures they might seem. Finding out what men want from women isn't really that difficult, and once you know, well you've pretty much got it sorted. You just have to apply it to your relationship.

Of course, not everyone agrees entirely about what men want in a woman - let's say there are some minor discrepancies. But that's what keeps it interesting. Also, bear in mind that discrepancies of opinion about what men really want from women may be simply down to individual variation in men. So, the message here is that you have to find out not just what all men want from women, but what your specific man wants. There's your challenge...

But the starting point is what all men in general want in women.

So what is that exactly? Well, firstly the average man wants a woman who looks great. Who is sexy but not obvious, who has nice hair and a nice figure, who wears clothes that subtly emphasise her curves but is not blatant about it.

Generally speaking he wants a woman who is confident and knows where she is going in life. While some men want a follower, others like a leader, but -- and here's the point -- one who knows when to become a follower at the right time.

Men like women who laugh at their jokes. Why? Well laughing at their jokes is a form of admiration and men like to be admired. All the time!

There are many methods that single women can use to attract a man. Here is some advice that can be very effective...

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