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How to Identify the Top Singles Dating Sites...

There are many sites that claim to tell you which are the top singles dating sites online, yet they all offer different opinions. So where does that leave you? If the number of members of a dating site is your only concern then go for a site with the most members - if you can find such closely-guarded information...

Perhaps the most important criteria for many wanting to join a top singles dating site should be the safety of your personal data, the integrity of the business practices of the site itself and the protection of your credit card from being charged automatically.

If these things matter to you too, then you will want to seriously consider joining You can find out more about the policies of who power PenPalsPlanet here: Could these make PenPalsPlanet a top singles dating site? You can also view the profiles of singles who have joined by using the panel to the right.   >>>

Go to and read their FAQs, then browse the profiles and decide for yourself if this site might qualify as your personal top singles dating site.

Find out more about () policies and your safety: Are these the criteria for top singles dating sites?

This page is for identifying what is or could be the top singles dating sites...

PenPalsPlanet FAQ

Go to what we rate as one of the Top singles dating sites:

Why PenPalsPlanet is one of the top singles dating sites if you want your personal data safe-guarded and don't want your credit card automatically billed each month...

PenPalsPlanet is very easy to use, and it's much safer than most others. It also has millions of members, and is free to view the profiles. To view the profiles just select from the drop-down menus below, then click the button. You will be taken right away to the profiles you have chosen to view:

Basic Membership is Free!

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About this Site is an associate of which has a very large database of single woman and men across the planet. It is believed by us to be one of the top singles dating sites on the net. To find out why and how some other sites might even mislead you, take a good look at: PenPalsPlanet - Why Choose Us. In addition to searching by gender and country (as with the singles dating search above right), PenPalsPlanet also enables you to search by other criteria. To use these other criteria go here.

All information on this 'Top singles dating sites' page is believed correct at the time of its publication.

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Top singles dating sites? It's both easy and hard to find at one and the same time -- we explain why above...

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