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Why not make your Start Page? It only takes a moment.  Then every time you go on the web will automatically load and you'll have our excellent facilities (such as our search engines) always at your finger tips!

Here's how

Easy method:

In Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Go to Starting Point start page.
On menu bar click "View".
Click "Options".
Select "Start and Search Pages" tab.
Click "Use Current" button then click "Apply".
You can do this for both Start and Search Pages.

In Netscape Communicator 4.01:

On menu bar click "Edit".
Click "Preferences".
Click the "Home Page" radio (dot) button.
In the "Location" text-entry box, enter

In Netscape 3.0:

On menu bar click "Options"
Click "General Preferences..."
Select "Appearance" tab.
In the "Startup" section, click the "Home Page Location" button.
In the "Startup" section, enter
in the text-entry box.

In Netscape 2.0:

On menu bar click "Options"
Click "General Preferences..."
Select "Appearance" tab
Type as your "Start With: Home Page Location"

In AOL Web Browser:

Add Starting Point as your start-up page by clicking "Prefs".
Change Home Page location to

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