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Snail Mail Pen Pal vs. Online Pen Pals

Which type of pen pal is best? (And how do you find one?)

Many would say that online pen pal correspondences in the form of emails just cannot compare with receiving a nice crisp envelope in the mail from your snail mail pen pal.

There is the anticipation of opening the envelope, wondering what your pen pal has written in their mailing and if there are any enclosures such as personal photos.

Then seeing your snail mail pen pal's handwriting somehow connects you to your distant friend in a special way -- you can imagine your penfriend sitting down and actually writing the words that you are now reading.

For many, to communicate with a pen pal by so-called snail mail is an ideal, yet the reality for most people is probably that it is much faster to converse with pen pals online.

Online pen pals offer the advantage over the snail mail pen pal of ease of use, speed, and a quick reply. If you use voice recognition software, as I do, writing an e-mail to a penpal or to anybody else becomes a very fast process, akin to simply dictating what you want to say.

Yet communicating with pen pals online does lack the authenticity, even the romance of a handwritten letter dropped into the mail and the reply eagerly awaited. Do we have to sacrifice creativity and romance in the name of speed and efficiency?

Perhaps not. There may be a way to get the best of both the romantic snail mail letter and the efficient online equivalent. My suggestion is that pen pal relationships are best first established online. Then once you find a kindred spirit amongst your online penpals who also values the old-fashioned way of doing things through the mail, you can agree to 'snail mail' each other sometimes in the traditional way.

In this way you can have your cake and eat it -- namely you can be an online pen pal, yet still reap the benefits ofbe old-fashioned spirit of snail mail style romance!

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