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by Stephanie Constantina

Finding Senior Pen Pals is a good approach to meeting new people over 60 on the web. Here you have the opportunity to make new senior friends -- such friendships can stay as friendships or, if you wish them to, can develop into dating relationships. That's the beauty of getting to know other seniors using this approach -- you have the choice, you are not committed to a dating relationship up front.

But you have to be careful. Senior pen pals sites that are free to join are not difficult to find online, in fact they are two a penny. This results in the situation where you have many different kinds of dating sites (fine if you are seeking a particular kind of dating, such as BBW or alternative lifestyles to give two examples) but the real point here is you have to look at the terms these sites operate under.

Would you want your email address to be sold to the highest bidder? Or to discover that your credit card is being automatically billed each month despite that you no longer use use your membership to a site? Of course not. So you need to join a site that protects you and your personals data.

To cut through the confusion of senior pen pals sites and dating sites out there we have done the work of sifting through them for you. The best site we have come across so far is It has all the qualities that reliable, trustworthy penpals and dating site should have. It also has a large database of single seniors so that you will up your chances of meeting the right person or people. You can quickly and easily join by going to the site and clicking on the 'Become a Member' link at the top of each page. Here's are some of the features the site has to offer:

  • Create a senior pen pal profile for free.

  • Will protect your private data and email address.

  • Does not partake in the practice by some sites of creating fake profiles to lure singles into subscribing.

  • Has a large database of single senior penpals.

  • Will not bill your credit card each month unless you authorize it.

  • You can view and also reply to messages from other pen pals interested in your profile, and you can do so for free.

  • Is strict about its policies and about protecting its members.

If you are not yet ready to sign up for a senior pen pals free membership then you can check out the members profiles first -- use the panel to the top right of this page. Most of all, have fun getting to know your senior contacts!

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View the profiles of our recommended site for senior penfriends to join:

Get a feel for the site and what it has to offer -- check out the members profiles first. It's also very quick and easy to do so: just select from the drop-down menus below, then click the button. You'll be taken directly to the profiles of your choice at our choice for the best senior friends site to join:

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