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Senior dating when you're only 41? At this website we reserve the term 'senior dating' for those over 60 (see our senior dating personals section), but it appears that many websites are now using the term to apply to the over 40s, no more! Regardless of terminology, you can find singles over 40 at our recommended dating site by using the panel to the right. Have fun discovering who's out there!

Senior Dating Over 40?

Senior dating, on the face of it, would appear to be for 'seniors', wouldn't it? In my experience seniors are people over 60, known in the UK as 'Old Age Pensioners', for example.

Yet there are a lot of online dating sites cropping up these days aimed at those over 40 yet describing themselves as 'senior dating sites'. Incredible! How can this be?

Are they being run by teenagers for who everyone over 40 is ancient? Is this a sign of an Internet dominated by young people? Strangely, no, for studies of Internet users by age has shown that all age groups are represented online. What's more, those in the 40 to 50 age group form a considerable percentage.

So, how can it be explained then? One factor is that there may be an element of youthful webmasters who do not understand this demographic. For example, I once saw a dating website page which was aimed at the over 40s in which the presumably useful webmaster had written "I can't imagine why people over 40 would want to date each other but if you must do it then here is a way to find other people in your age group"! I'm not kidding, that is for real.

While there is an element of this, I do not think it is the main reason for over 40s being described as 'seniors' online. It may have begun as a joke, but now it has simply become a fashion. So, if you are in the 40 to 50 (or 50 to 60) age group then you just have to live with this online label, I'm afraid!

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