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Stephanie Constantina

Should you choose a niche site aimed solely at senior dating or should you go wider and look for senior personals at a general site?

It's a question worth asking because it can significantly affect your dating experience. My advice is to go to the general site. Why? For one it will cost you less to subscribe, for another you will be able to access just as many senior singles, and maybe more.

Now I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Here at just over half of the people who sign up for our recommended dating service are over 40, and of those half again are over 50. A sizable proportion of these over 50s are actually over 60! So what this all means is that although we serve the whole age range of singles, senior dating predominates here.

Maybe you didn't realize that? Maybe you thought over 50s and over 60s would be in a minority at such a general dating site? Not so, no not by a long way. So you're in good company.

Just to note why we recommend Senior Dating at your personal data is protected to a greater degree than with most dating sites; your email address won't be sold and you won't get spammed. Also basic membership is free but if you upgrade to a paid membership then you won't be automatically charged each month as happens with so many dating sites, senior or otherwise. So take a serious look at PenPalsPlanet - carry out a search by selecting your details on the right and then clicking the Go To Profiles button. If you would prefer a 'pen pals' approach to meeting people online then go to instead, which is run by the same organization and offers the same protections.

We used to have a guest article on this page in which the author offered her views on senior dating sites online. In the article she appeared to refer to anyone over 60 years of age as 'elderly'. I well remember a relative of mine who was in his seventies when someone referred to him, in his hearing, as 'elderly'. Boy did he take exception to this! But don't you do the same. It's all about perception. We may like to think of ourselves as 'grown-up' rather than 'elderly' but to a young person we are in a different category of age from them, so please do try to make allowances. After all, they'll find out for themselves one day, won't they :-)

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SeniorPenFriends is quick and easy to use for mature dating. The site protects both your personal data and your email. You can join for free, but if you do decide to upgrade to a paid subscription later, there is no automatic rebilling of your credit card, unlike with some other sites. It's also free to view the senior dating personals. Just go ahead and try out the search below and view some profiles right now! (You don't have to join first, and you never know who you're going to find unless you try.)

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Find Senior dating at Visit our best recommendation amongst dating services by clicking on the link, or use the search box higher up this page to view senior profiles and meet women or men in your city or your locality today. Find out more about PenPalsPlanet policies and your online experience here: why choose us.

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