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¿Quieres Chat en Mexico? Uno de los mejores sitios más popular para chat en Español es Amigos -
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The Geographically Separate Chatrooms

At the time of writing there are chat rooms relating to the following countries or regions of the world in the Amigos Chat Rooms (Las Salas de Chat - Chatear en Español). They are: Mexico (La sala México), Brazil (La sala Brasil), United States (La sala Estados Unidos), Central America (Centroamérica), South America (La sala Sudamérica), Spain (España) and Portugal. All can be reached through this link: Las Salas de Chat - Chatear en Español.

One of the most popular of these is the Mexico chat room (La sala de chat para México), which often has the highest number of actively chatting visitors at any one time. This probably reflects not only the relatively high population of Mexico (at around 10millions) but also the high numbers of people of Mexican origin living in the United States. Currently 10% and rising of the Mexican population have internet access, and the percentage is higher for those of Mexican origin living in the US.

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The United States chat room is usually the next most popular after the Mexico chat room, depending upon the number of actively chatting users at any one time. The popularity of the United States chat room can probably be attributed to the large number of people of Hispanic origin living in the United States (mostly from Mexico), as well as to the vibrant and attractive nature of hispanic culture and people. Obviously, the larger a population the higher the numbers of people within that population who internet have internet access, and the proportionately higher numbers of people using chat and dating services.

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This is what the Salas de Chat por Mexico look like at Amigos. Just create your account then get involved! Click on the image to get started.

It should be noted that while larger numbers of people will visit the chat room service, only a proportion of these will register and actively chat at any one time. Therefore, if you access the chatroom service at a quiet time of day or night do not expect to see very high numbers of people actively involved. In any case, large numbers of people in the same chatroom is not a good idea as it becomes difficult to then use the sala and separate out the different threads of chat taking place.

The Chatrooms Themed by Topic

There are two of the themed chat rooms at Amigos that receive the highest number of active chatters at any one time and these are the Romance Room (Sala del Amor) and the Friendship Room (Sala de la Amistad). The Romance Room (Sala del Amor) is described as "For Singles and Romance Seekers" ("Para solteros y buscadores de romance"). The Friendship Room (Sala de la Amistad), on the other hand, is described as "For making Friends and finding Pen Pals" ("Para hacer amigos y encontrar Pen Pals").

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Salas de Chat en Mexico

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