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Russian women are beautiful, are they not? But therein lies a problem that has assumed greater significance online today than ever before. It is because Russian women are so desirable that there are so many scams hidden away in online dating sites everywhere exploiting the interest of Western men.

This is not usually the fault of the dating sites or those who run them. These are usually responsible business people trying to run a fair and successful organization the best they can.

But scammers being who they are will always manage to slip under the radar, at least for a while, before setting up shop somewhere else. We strongly recommend that you read our page about how to avoid being scammed by these people here: Russian Dating Services.

Getting back to the subject of the beautiful Russian woman, this is the reason why so many of them crop up in Bond movies of course. That and the fact that anywhere different is exotic and so appeals to the mind as something unusual and exciting.

It is said that Russian women inherit their stunning looks from a combination of European populations with peoples further East who spread across what is now Russia during the Mongol Empire ruled by Geghis Khan 800 years ago.

Take a look at these Russian women images and see if you can see anything in the idea. We also have some links to stereotyping and myths about Russian women further down the page.

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