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Why do you want a Russian pen pal?

Perhaps it is because you have a romantic view of Russian women or men. Certainly anyone who is different, who comes from a country or culture not your own, will have their attractions. That is human nature isn't it?

But why is it a Russian pen pal in particular you are seeking? If you are Russian, or you know the country well and would even consider living there then that is of course a good reason.

However, if the notion of a Russian woman or man to get to know over the Internet appeals to you and you are, let's say, American, then that is all well and good as far as it goes. But what if the relationship develops into more than just friendship? Are you looking for a Russian bride or partner?

If so then there is a lot to consider before taking this big step. If you do fall in love with a Russian and your roots are in America then you have to consider whether you are prepared to give up your roots and go to live in Russia.

Perhaps if you are a man you have the idea that your Russian amour will come to live with you in America. Perhaps she might, however be aware that you will be asking the same of her -- to give up her roots and perhaps to only see her family in Russia infrequently. It's a lot to take on board and consider. Of course it's fun to talk to Russian pen pals but if you have at the back of your mind taking the next step as outlined above then now is the time to think through the ramifications of it.

There's also a lot of scamming going on within online dating sites where Russian women try to lure Western men into sending them money. This is not the dating sites' fault as they try hard to exclude such people from their databases, but as with most things online there are people out there trying to take advantage and finding a way to game the system. So you have to be very careful.

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