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One and Only

The One and Only Dating Agency has long since closed. In its place we highly recommend all our visitors to try SinglesFinders. Please try out SinglesFinders by using the search to the right of this text.

In its time the One and Only dating agency was highly successful. One and Only was one of the first dating sites to dominate the early days of the Internet. It successfully united countless singles and led to numerous marriages. It was a site promoted by due to its flexibility and ease of use.

Any links remaining from to One and Only no longer work however, for the site no longer exists.

In its early days there was little competition and One and Only would appear in most searches for different aspects of online dating. The site had a simple, rather basic look to it. Some might even say it looked a little amateurish. Maybe this went some way to making people feel comfortable in using it, unlike some of the slick sites out there now. Whatever the case, it gave the site an old style, practical but not pretty feel.

One and Only was so successful that it was purchased by Match. During its heyday it also had hundreds of successful affiliates advertising it and promoting it across the web. It was a sad day when the One and Only site eventually closed.

The new owners were reported as saying that they were going to close it but apparently kept it open as a response to a lot of requests from its affiliates -- so it is rumoured. Eventually, however, it did close. With its closure one of the iconic sites of the early Internet disappeared.

One and Only is no longer with us but SinglesFinders is. SinglesFinders has not been around for as long as One and Only but is nevertheless successful. It has no connection with One and Only as far as we are aware.

SinglesFinders is highly recommended by because of its high-integrity aspects amongst others. For example, free members who buy an upgrade are not automatically charged each month through their credit card. This is an aspect that many dating services would do well to emulate.

To experience the SinglesFinders profiles use the search panel higher up this page or click on the following link to go to the SinglesFinders home page - Singles Finders. Why delay? Give it a try now, it only takes a few minutes and could even change your life.

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