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Meet a Single Woman over 30, or a single man over 30 - advice. Meet a Single Woman or Man over 30 This is 'meet a single woman or man over 30' at articles and resources.

Meet a Single Woman or Man over 30: How to

by Stephanie Constantina

How do you meet a single woman or man over 30? Stephanie Constantina offers some thoughts on the subject.

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You're a single woman or man over 30 and you'd like to meet a single someone from your own age group. Are the online single sites the place to look? In three words - you bet ya!

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Being a single woman or man over 30 (and less than 40) is a great age and stage to be in life. By your thirties you should have got your basic life pattern sorted out - meaning your job, lifestyle and approach to yourself and to life.

Now that you are 30 you are certainly no longer a child -- in fact, childhood seems a long time ago, an almost forgotten time unless you have young children of your own which can bring it all back again.

But now as a single man or woman in your 30s you are in control of your life, you have reached maturity, yet you are still relatively young. You have something like two-thirds of your life ahead of you! You still have your looks, your strength, your energy and sense of direction. Now is the time when many who are still single want to settle down and find the right person.

And this is not to say that in your thirties you may not decide upon a change of direction in your life -- and in fact that change of direction can be a switch from concentrating solely on your career, towards aiming to develop a family life through meeting the right woman or man also in their 30's.

You are in your 30s, single and unmarried when most of your age are no longer single - or you would not be here reading this page. Perhaps you are divorced, widowed or have simply never met the right person. How do you meet other 30 something singles? First you need to look at why you have not met the right person so far, if you have never been married. Perhaps in this case you simply weren't ready to settle down before? Or was there something else stopping you meeting the right person? Were your expectations unrealistic, for example? Have you been placing women (or men) on a pedestal of perfection that no real life 30 something can ever aspire to? Or perhaps you just never meet the right single people?

So are the online single services for the man or woman over 30 the right place to look? You will have gathered that I think they are! If you use them sensibly you stand a very good chance of finding that right 30 something single who is suited to you. This is not least because of the huge numbers of single women and men who use the online personals.

But perhaps you are a little doubtful about using an online dating service for the over 30 s? Reputable online services where you can meet a single woman or man are also places where perfectly ordinary people who have busy lives, or singles who are hoping to widen their social horizons, gather to meet and chat with each another.

Perhaps they are singles dealing with shyness, or perhaps they simply have the kind of job that gets in the way of meeting other people. Online singles sites for the man or woman over 30 are for them -- in fact, they are for all, regardless of circumstances. And never before have they been so popular. PenPalsPlanet alone has over millions members and growing.

So go ahead, do a search of the over 30 online singles at now.

(Or find out How to Attract a Single Woman)

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