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It would be great if you would link to us from your homepage or elsewhere on your singles site. There is a suggested logo image and text link below, but a text link on its own would also be fine.

To link to us just copy and paste the following html code into the web page of your singles site where you want the link to appear:

<P><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="single-dating-logo75.gif" WIDTH="252" HEIGHT="46" ALT="Single Dating Logo Image "></A><BR>
<A HREF=""><b>
Single Dating</b></A>:

Single Dating .com - dating advice, help for singles and access to the best personals since 1999. <P>

Please feel free to edit the description but we ask that you include the term 'single dating'.

Upload the logo image to the same web directory as your page. Please do not link directly to the image on this page because of bandwidth limitations. To copy the logo image to your computer right click on the image below and select "save image as" or equivalent term:

The whole link should look something like the example below:


Single Dating: Single Dating .com
- dating advice, help for singles and access to the best personals since 1999.


Thank you! Help spread the word by telling your friends about us. To contact us go here.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linking to Other Sites

We all know that we must get other sites to link to us, and the better quality sites that link to us the higher our PageRank score, but are there any advantages to linking out to other sites?

The leading search engines want to see an active healthy site that is both linked to and linked from. This means including links in your web site pages to other sites.

But won't this cost traffic and lose page rank? Let's tackle the question about page rank first. It's a myth that linking out to other sites causes page rank to leak away from your site. Your site has its page rank score regardless of whether it links out to other sites or not.

But, you should only link out to quality sites. This basically means sites with page rank themselves. What's more, they should be sites that are highly relevant to your content. You want to provide the best content you can for your visitors don't you? Well, that includes showing them where the best sites are in your subject niche.

Will this cost traffic? Maybe a little, but the benefits in terms of how well your pages rank in the search engine results will greatly outweigh any effect of sending traffic elsewhere. In any case, if your content is good enough then your visitors won't want to go elsewhere anyway, will they!

For more on linking methods, visit

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