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Japan is an amazing country! If you are lucky enough to come from Japan then congratulations. You come from a place of mystery, high technology, ancient relion and general weirdness (as seen from a Westerners point of view!)

Talking of mountains, did you know that more than 70% of the country consists of mountains and this includes 200 volcanoes!

Westerners are drawn to Japanese culture and the country itself due to its amazing nature and qualities. Naturally you can meet people there using the Japanese personals on this page. Find people here interested in dating or just as pen pals.

Yamamba girl Japan
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The image above is of Yamamba girls, a recent fashion among younger Japanese women. It begins with the bleached hair and heavy tan of the ganguro girl, but the yamanba then goes further with white lipstick, white mascara and sometimes brightly-colored contact lenses. The look includes plastic clothes and stuffed-animals. Now, that IS weird.

Something else that might surprise you about Japan is that the language contains thousands of foreign words. These are called 'gairaigo' and they are often shortened forms. For example Pokemon comes from 'pocket monster'. Another example is personal computer, which in Japanese is 'pasokon'.

The people of Japan are friendly, clever and creative. There is 100% literacy in the country. Many have also studied English, although to judge from the ungrammatical English to be seen everywhere in the country, not too well in some cases!

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