Japanese penpals, Japan penpals

Japanese penpals, Japan penpals

Japanese Penpals

What a great appeal Japanese penpals have, all the more so if they are in Japan itself. That exciting technological country that still retains its allure of tradition, art, mountains and ancient gardening never fails to excite.

Now you can have your own penpals in Japan, just by using the panel to the right. It's free to look and you'll be amazed at how many penpals are waiting to get to know you. Don't delay, take a look right now. > > >

You can find both male and female Japan penpals here, but I'm guessing that you are a man seeking a cute Japanese girl to get to know...? Am I right?

So what is the great appeal that Japanese girls undoubtedly possess as penpals? To begin with they have the same petite build as other Asian women, a very appealing feature in itself as it represents a slim, demure girl.

The other great thing about Japanese girl penpals is that they are from such as fascinating country. It's not just the technology and it's not just the culture steeped in ancient religion and tradition... It's somehow a combination of the two.

No matter what Japanese technology you look at it seems to be like Western technology but somehow different. Its function, its design, even its name are somehow peculiarly Japanese, which leads to a kind of double-take when you first encounter it, as if you have somehow slipped into a kind of science-fictional alternative reality.

Yes, there is no doubt, Japanese penpals have so much to offer.

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You can use the information below to help you to connect with your new Japanese penpals.

Japanese Expressions and Terminology To Use With Your Japanese Pen Pals

Kanji are symbols which form the Japanese language, each expressing an idea. Japanese expressions and words are sometimes made by putting together two or more kanji to make new expressions. Here are some examples:

Shiitake (as in shiitake mushrooms) is made up of the kanji for oak and mushroom, since these type of fungi grow on decaying oak trees in Japan.

Tofu (a food made from fermented soy beans) is a word made up from the kanji for 'bean' and 'rotted'.

Bonsai (miniaturized Japanese forest trees) is made up of the two elements 'tray' and 'gardening'.

Tsunami is made up of the kanji for harbor and waves.

Typhoon (taifuu in Japanese) consists of the elements for 'standing' and 'wind'. Hence a typhoon is a wind that stands upright.

For more examples see: Japanese Words

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