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Our top recommendations for Internet personals websites are as follows.



For General Dating:

1. Special features: Protects your email address and info. No automatic rebilling. Worldwide singles.

2. FriendFinder. Special features: Vast database. Very easy to use. Vast worldwide reach.

For More Specific Dating:

1. Amigos. Worldwide Spanish-speaking/Latino singles.

2. Over 50s, 60s and 70s singles.


How to get more people to contact you at the Internet Personals Sites

by Stephanie Constantina

Is this you? You have joined one of the Internet personals sites for a few weeks and you are not getting enough people contacting you. (Or you are new to Internet personals sites and need advice on writing your profile).

Taking a step back, the very first thing you should consider is whether you have joined the right Internet personals site, if you are getting few responses to your profile. If you are using a totally free personals site, you should consider changing or upgrading to a paid one. Mostly the totally free sites are about worth what you have paid for them!

This is for a variety of reasons - the totally free Internet personals sites may not be able to afford to employ staff to run a decent service - even to vet potential members, for example. Totally free personals may not be able to afford to properly maintain and update the software that makes the dating site run. After all, nothing worth having is really free, is it?

It is also possible that you have joined a service with too few members to make an impact. Here at we recommend PenPalsPlanet Internet Personals as PenPalsPlanet has a large database of members and does not use automatic rebilling as some sites do. With a large database of members your frequency of being contacted must improve. Most things on the Internet are a numbers game, after all. And with no automatic rebilling you remain in control of your membership. PenPalsPlanet is free to join initially and to try out, though to get full use of the system you must pay a subscription.

However, once you have joined a decent service you should still do what you can to improve your rate of being contacted. First consider your profile. Perhaps it is your personals profile that is letting you down.

If you already have one you should carefully consider whether to re-write it. In fact a good approach is to spend some time and write several versions of your personals profile text until you have two or three that you are happy with. Then you can try out these different versions in turn on the Internet to see which produces the best response.

It is also important to do some basic research. The best way to do this is to go to the Internet personals and do some searches of the PenPalsPlanet Internet Personals database. Then read through some of the profiles there. You can access the PenPalsPlanet profiles directly through the search panel top right of this page.

When you find a personals profile that catches your eye ask yourself why it had that effect. Did it catch your eye for the right reasons? Do the personals profiles you have picked out show people who make you want to contact them, or at least consider contacting them?

Take a look through some of the internet personals to find examples by using the search panel above right on this page.

Obviously the header in the Internet personals profile is paramount here. What kind of headers are you drawn to? Once you have noted a few that were effective in catching your attention you could take some of the approaches used to build your own much more effective personal profile header. Don't copy other people's work, but instead use it for inspiration and to learn from.

Next look at the detail of what you have said in your own Internet personal profile. Try to look at it from someone else's point of view. Would it put you off or at least seem bland and uninteresting if this was someone else's personal profile? Again read through lots of examples and try to find an approach that suits you and works for you.

Finally the photograph you use is of very great importance - so much so that I have devoted an entire article just to using photos in Internet personals. Online Photo Personals Sites explains how to use your picture effectively in the Internet photo personals.

If you are willing to put in time to get the details right then your Internet personals experience will be a vastly better one than otherwise. And let's face it, meeting someone online would be a great thing wouldn't it? So it is well worth spending the time to get every aspect of your Internet personals membership right.

Now look for examples of how to get personals profiles right (and wrong!) through the search panel above right on this page.

Browse the Internet Personals Profiles at PenPalsPlanet:

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PenPalsPlanet has a very large database of singles, will not automatically rebill your credit card, and protects your personal information. It is our recommended personals site.

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