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Online dating ebooks and free online dating ebooks - where are they and what are they about?


There are some excellent online dating ebooks available. Below is a run down of some of them. Also, don't forget to check out the photo profiles of singles seeking dating now (see right).

1) Free Dating Ebook: 6 Vital Things You Need to Know about Online Dating

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We could not begin by not mentioning our own dating ebook! Whether this one is excellent or not is not for us to say, however, it is a free dating ebook so it won't cost you anything to find out for yourself.

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2) Guy Gets Girl

"Finally… A Pick-up & Seduction Guide That Works! GuyGetsGirl is like no other attraction, dating and seduction guide you’ve ever heard about or read. For the first time ever, the secrets of the female mindset are revealed by a person who knows best: a woman!

Tiffany Taylor, the author of the guide, takes you step by step through the whole subject of preparing yourself, finding women, talking and getting them highly attracted to you and finally hooking-up with them in whatever way you want, be it a kiss, a date or more!

3) How to Be Irresistible to Men

Who else wants to find out the powerful methods of attracting the man of your dreams and keeping him in a fulfilling long-lasting relationship?




4) The Art of Internet Dating

"Though this eBook speaks of affairs of the heart it is addressed to your brain. This is a practical guide for searching, finding, evaluating and winning the mate of your dreams." "This is a wonderful book for someone seeking a soulmate." "8 out of 10"
Paul Siegel of

5) 12 Simple Rules

Who else wants to find out how to get a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend quickly?

Does this ring true - don't have enough money, a happy love life and are not happy with who you are? This ebook offers simple techniques that actually work to change all that for you.

6) The Online Daters Guide

"I got sick and tired of ridiculous methods, lame pick up lines and books that told me I had to be a "bad boy" to get dates. I spent years figuring out the best way to find quality people to date, and now I would like to share it with you..."

7) 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships

"I've Got a Secret! Actually, Michael Webb has 50 secrets. He's been talking with couples for over 20 years and he has discovered why some relationships are "blissful" while others couples argue and fight. If you want to know their secrets on dealing with in-laws, holidays, friends, work and other "hot" issues, click here "

8) Men Made Easy by Karen Oh

Men Made Easy by Karen Oh. See Customer feedback. 12 simple secrets to understanding men. How to build a fulfilling and lasting relationship.






9) A Better Way to Date

"DATING MISTAKES: The most common first date mistakes and how to avoid them. Men and women have been making these mistakes for years. What's the real secret to a successful first date?"






10) The Anti Scam Guide

The Anti Scam ebook is for men looking for a Russian Wife. This short but no nonsense guide of 18 pages shows you how to find out if the Russian woman you are emailing is genuine or not. Don't wait until you are emotionally involved and you find out too late. Don't think it will never happen to you and that you are too smart to be fooled. Scammers are very good at what they do, so don't be caught out.

Could this be you?

Most people placing their personal profile on an online single dating service seem to be actually doing what they can to spoil any chances of success. Are you falling into this trap? More...

We recommend PenPalsPlanet as one of the best of the online dating sites. We feel that PenPalsPlanet offers one of the the easiest to use subscription dating services on the internet. Now you can find photo personals directly by using the panel above right. You can also try the dating service at no cost here.

It is our opinion that online dating services that seem to offer their services entirely for free should be avoided. These sites may have hidden costs or they may not monitor their members. You usually get what you pay for, after all.

We recommend that you then visit to check out the personals.

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