How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

What are the signs a girl likes you?

First and foremost, when it comes to telling if a girl likes you, it has to be body language that gives the game away. A girl who likes you may make it clear through her body language that she is interested if she leans towards you and pays close attention to what you are saying.

However, the opposite could also be true. It could be that she actually likes you if she appears to be ignoring you. You just have to watch for and learn to read the signs. What are the signs of how to know if a girl likes you?

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How to Tell If A Girl Actually Likes You, or Not...

Sometimes it's not that easy, is it, to know what a girl thinks of you. And boy, you need to know if you are going to spend time and effort pursuing that relationship!

So, the first clear sign that a girl has something for you is in her body language. Girls are people just like you, you know :) so different girls will respond to a guy they like in different ways.

The more confident ones may well take every opportunity to engage you in conversation. However, you could get this wrong if it turns out that she is talking to you for other reasons, if she knows that you're a friend of her boyfriend, for example.

So what are usually the genuine signs of attraction when she is talking to you face to face? If she leans towards you and occasionally brushes her hair then these are good indicators. In leaning towards you she is trying to get closer to you and in the hair movement she is involuntarily giving away that she wants her hair to look good because she wants you to be attracted to her.

There is a stronger indicator than this, however. If she now and then brushes your knee or even your hand or arm then she is on the face of it strongly attracted to you. However, it takes a confident girl to behave in this way. What about those who are not so confident? How can you tell if they like you or not?

Sometimes a girl will act as if she has no interest in you at all. This can be deliberate because she doesn't want to openly display her interest, or it may be because she is as yet unsure of her feelings for you or doesn't feel ready for another relationship at present. She may just be very shy.

So how do you detect any real interest in the girl who appears to ignore you? If you are talking to her friends and she appears to be showing no interest, looking away at something else, for example, then mention that you have to leave in a minute and watch her as you say it. If her attention wavers from what she is looking at then it may well reveal that she is actually listening intently to what you are saying and hearing that you are about to leave is enough to distract her.

In these circumstances it is worth trying to get her involved in the conversation and then watching further to see how she responds to you.

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How to how to tell if a girl likes you? -- we provide some pointers on this page...

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