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Attract a Man - How to Attract a Man.

How to Attract a Man

Attract a man with these techniques...

There are many techniques that single women can use to attract a man. Here is some advice for you to consider...

So you've seen this great looking guy and you want to know how to attract him to you?

There is always the risk that you may never attract him to you, that you're not 'his type'. This is one of the unknowns in the dating game, but it is not something you can dwell on. If he's not going to like you you'll find out soon enough. You have to believe that he will like you, that he does like you, and proceed from there.

Let's begin at the beginning. Firstly you have to make yourself as attractive as possible to him. This means looking your best at all times -- you never know when you might bump into him by accident.

Looking your best is not the subject of this advice, so let's move on. What's the next step? You have to understand that there are two aspects to attraction. One is being attracted to appearances, the other has to do with personality. If you can combine the two you could be on to a winner.

So, now that you're looking your best, try to find out as much as possible about him. What kind of guy is he? What does he like to do in his free time? What does he feel strongly about?

You can find out these things by talking to him but also by reading between the lines, by making observations.

Once you have a clearer idea of what kind of person he is, and assuming that you're still interested, you should be able to form a good idea of how to approach him. If he's the serious kind try engaging with his interests. It would be no good indulging in comedy slapstick in front of this kind of guy.

However, humour is important -- just in the right time and place, that's all.

Think your way into his mind, try to catch his attention subtly, perhaps it turns out you share one of his hobbies... Get the idea? Most of all you have to realize that he is a human being like you, he has a personality first and good looks second. If you are going to get on well with him then it has to be on the basis of a meeting of minds primarily!

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