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Why a Hispanic Dating Service?

For some time now we have been offering a Hispanic Dating Service through our affiliation to Amigos.com. The number of Hispanic people online is now greater than ever and this trend is set to continue. Let's look at some population figures in support of this. The population of Mexico is 104.9 million and currently more than 10% of this population has internet access. This figure is set to rise steeply as more and more Mexicans go online.

In other Hispanic countries the need for a Hispanic dating service is arguably greater. In Spain for example (if Spain is taken as falling within this caregory) more than 17 million people are online out of a population of a little over 40 million. Again, amongst the United States Latino population of approximately 44 million, 13 million are now online and the figure is rising fast.

So what can a Hispanic Dating Service offer over more general services? To begin with, by targeting the specific group that an individual internet user is searching for -- in this case Latino men and women -- greatly improved chances of successful matchmaking are achieved. The Hispanic Internet user sees Latino profiles with a minimum of searching and so is more likely to find the kind of life partner he or she is looking for.

Secondly, the Hispanic Dating Service offered here, that of Amigos, offers the choice to view all pages in English or Spanish, so further increasing the dating searcher's chances of success. A sense of familiarity and therefore greater comfort is also generated when one is looking at personals from one's own country or community, and of course in one's own language.

Accordingly, by using the Hispanic Dating Service accessed here you have the option to search for profiles of men or women in the following countries: Mexico, the United States' Hispanic population, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Gibraltar, Haiti, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Note: Although Portuguese is not exactly Hispanic, Amigos pages also offer the option to be translated into Portuguese at the click of a button, and for this reason we have included some non-Hispanic countries (i.e. Portuguese-speaking) in this list.

Internet Hispanic dating service: are you a man or woman searching for a Hispanic dating service? Here you will find a complete and professional Hispanic dating site covering all Hispanic countries and categories. Quickly find your Hispanic partner!

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United States Hispanic women

United States Hispanic men

All Hispanic women, all countries

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One final point, on interracial dating: of course you don't need to be Spanish-speaking to search for or date Hispanic singles. In some of the searches that may be carried out from this page non-Hispanic profiles will sometimes turn up, particularly among the United States profiles. As Hispanic culture is so vibrant and thriving interracial dating is bound to flourish also, as non-Hispanics are attracted to Hispanic women and men.

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