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So, you want a Girlfriend? If you're seeking a girl friend then you've come to the right place! We are part of what is one of the large subscription-based personals networks on the Internet. If you'd like to find a 'girl next door' type for dates then try out our girlfriend finder (below) right away. Many thousands of potential girlfriends can be found with it. You can select a girlfriend based on geographical area and age and see photos too. Don't delay, start now. There are no strings attached to using the girlfriend finder facility below - it's completely free to use. Just think, a few seconds from now you might be looking at a picture of your future girlfriend!

Advice on how to find a girlfriend

If you are feeling bad about the fact that you don't have a girl friend then hopefully what I am about to tell you will help at least a bit.

To begin with, you have to change your mindset about this girlfriend thing. If you are locked into a pattern of thinking which goes, "No girl will want me, therefore there's no point in bothering, therefore I will continue to feel bad," then you are putting yourself into a self-fulfilling situation, my friend. You have to break out of that mindset!

You're the result of a long line of family members going back muillions of years (whether you know their names or not!) That's literally true, according to the theory of evolution, isn't it? It follows then that if all of your forebears could find girlfriends (and wives) then you are no different. Come on, what's so different about you from all of those that went before you?

The answer is nothing, so you can and will find a girl friend when the time is right. You can bring that time nearer by being positive in your approach, by expecting to get a lady friend, in fact. With your new positive approach you need to do a little work on your physical appearance, including your clothes.

Then you need to work on your mental approach, doing away with the idea that there's only one lady friend out there for you and that she will be yours forever (maybe so, maybe not, but you won't find her by having the wrong approach) and widening yourself up to the idea of making friends who are women.

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Drop the exclusive approach and get to know lots of different people. Meet girls online using the access on this page. Email them, chat to them, get used to talking to girls! If you do all of this then your confidence will increase, your abilities to chat and communicate with girls will increase and your chances of actually finding the right person will go up and up!

There's a lot of ideas here, compressed into a few short paragraphs, so I suggest you print this page. Pin it on your home noticeboard perhaps, as a starting point. Then go through each paragraph in turn thinking about what it means in practise and how you can implement this advice. Work out the details as they apply to you. It's in your power to get what you want, so go out there and meet new girls right away!

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