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Where is the best place to find a free pen pal?

You do have to be a little careful when looking for a free pen pal. There are sites that appear to offer free pen pals but like any other web site they have their operating costs and must at the end of the day make profits -- so you have to ask yourself where their profit comes from.

Another drawback with so-called totally free pen pal sites is that there may be little income from them to pay the people operating the site to do a good job -- this might include maintaining the resources and the efficient operation of the site as well possibly as basic vetting of new members.

it is our contention that one of the best places to find a free pen pal is at Find out why below, but note that you can search free for pen pals right now and find them using the search on the right.

So why is PenPalsPlanet a good bet for finding a pen pal? Although you may take out a paid subscription, normal membership remains free. A free membership allows you to be found and even to get to know pen pals, though for more extensive use of the site a paid subscription is the way to go -- after all you generally get what you pay for. A premium membership will allow you to make first contact with new people rather than waiting for them to contact you, if at all.

But whether you are set upon finding free pen pals or can see the logic of getting a better service by paying for a low-cost subscription, PenPalsPlanet remains our recommendation. It has millions of members across the world, and if you are at some point interested in getting to know someone for romatic purposes or dating then it has an unrivalled service to offer.

So try out PenPalsPlanet for free. Pen pals are out there waiting to meet you!

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