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Flowers ordered online make a gorgeous gift to give to your date or your spouse. The giving of fresh flowers as a gift shows that you have gone to a lot of trouble to please the other person and so indicates something about the approach you are taking towards the relationship.

To order flowers online so as to add sparkle to your relationship (or for any other purpose), we list the following top reliable sources of fresh, gorgeous flowers and related possibilities:

1) Fresh Gorgeous Flowers, for you to order online today:


Order Flowers OnlineOrder Flowers Online

1800 Florals have a fine range of hundreds of gorgeous flowers, plants and gift basket products designed to please. They offer same-day and next-day professional florist delivery, backed up by their eighty years of experience.



In a hurry? Here are some popular items from 1800 Florals for quick ordering:



Stunning Two Dozen Roses Vased

Stunning Two Dozen Roses Vased

Two dozen fancy long-stem roses beautifully arranged with fresh foliage in a handsome glass vase. When ordering simply indicate your color preference.

Sweetness Bouquet

Sweetness Bouquet

A compact vased bouquet in delicate pinks and purples, featuring carnations, alstroemeria, asters, monte casino, or similar fresh flowers. Great for a thank you, get well, or thinking of you gift, and perfect for a desktop, vanity, or reading table.

Best Wishes Basket

Best Wishes Basket

This compact basket bouquet features such flowers as daisies, lilies, gerberas, miniature carnations, and more, in festive yellow, pink, purple, and white tones.

Teddy Bear and Balloon

Teddy Bear and Balloon

Say 'I love you' 'I miss you' or 'You're special to me' with a loveable teddy bear and mylar balloon too! For care and feeding just tell the recipient to give the bear lots of hugs and cuddles while thinking of you.


Other Choice Online Florists


Holiday FlowersFlowers

FlowerDelivery is one of the larger florists online. They operate same-day deliveries in the USA and Canada.



Buy flowers onlineClick here to shop for flowers.

JustFlowers is another of the large online florists. Like the others, they deliver the same day to the USA and to Canada.


2) 24kt Gold-coated roses

Gold Roses Delivered - RomanceHer.comOrder real roses preserved in 24kt gold! To order, Click Here
From RomanceHer, creative romantic gifts. Real roses preserved in 24kt gold are something very special that goes way beyond the regular giving of flowers as a gift.
Order today!


3) Chocolates

Luxury Chocolate Gifts
Chocolate Perfection



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Why Flowers?

Why do we have this page about flowers, here at a dating site? Well, the original idea was to give our visitors a kind of 'one-stop shop' for a lot of things that related to online dating. In the mind of the person who originally made this page way back in the year 2000 flowers were what some successful online daters wanted, to give as a gift to their dates.

It seems logical doesn't it at first glance. Back in the days when the Internet was young it seemed more logical than it does now. Perhaps this is because time has moved on and we who run SingleDating.com have gained in experience and understanding of what our visitors want. The truth is that very few flowers have been sold through this page. Which is not at all surprising if you think about it. If you wanted to buy some flowers for your date would you go to the dating site which was instrumental in helping you to find her (or him)? Strangely, looking back with the eyes of 2012, it seemed to make sense at the time. The answer in today's Internet is clearly that you wouldn't. You would go a specialist flowers and gifts web site, wouldn't you? Yet in the year 2000 there were far fewer specialist sites in anything and many web sites had wider scopes than is the case today when it is all about 'niches'.

So what is the page still doing here? Still advertising flowers that few if any are actively buying? The answer has to do with the way a web site functions. As makers of this web site we do not usually beleive in deleting pages, even lesser performing pages. This is because it brings the problem of broken links -- you end up with links to the deleted page elsewhere in the website that no longer work. They annoy visitors and they make the site appear less professional. Of course they can be removed, but this site is mainly coded and built by hand in the good old-fashioned way (at least this part of the site is) so there is always a risk that non-functioning links will 'slip through the net' and remain on the site unnoticed by its builders. So for these reasons we have always believed it is best to keep a page going, even if it is less successful than once was.

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This page is about the top places to order flowers online - from top florists. Buy fresh gorgeous flowers for your loved one.


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