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If you're a single guy searching for suitable single women for dating then you're at the right place. From this page you can search the personals listings -- and learn the secret of finding single women online in the article below! So, you really can meet as many women as you want. Start by using the panel to the right >>>>

The panel is for finding women online for friendship and dating, but if you are seeking a casual encounter then click here: Find Women Online - Adult Personals (warning: adult content).

Finding Single Women Online - Is It a Secret?

If you are at least fairly experienced in using the dating personals you have probably noticed how difficult it can be to pick out suitable women who you would like to date. It can take a long time of looking through the photo personals to find even a few women who look promising.

Perhaps you have felt that your standards or requirements are too exacting (and it is indeed possible that they are). Remember, the personal ads are meant only to give you the briefest idea of each person and there may actually be many women who you would find to be suitable for you if you investigated further, yet you would initially reject them on the basis of their personal ad.

So, if there is a secret to finding women online who are suitable, what is it? Like many things described as 'secrets' it's just a matter of know-how. The so-called secret to this process is having a clear and precise set of criteria for women who you will find suitable, yet not interpretting that list in too rigid a way as you may then miss suitable women who may not initially appear to be so.

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But you do have to exercise a certain amount of discipline in the interpretation of your list of essential criteria. If you are clear that you would not date a woman who smokes, for example, then you should not include women who smoke as 'maybes'.

On the other hand, if one of your criteria is no one who lives more than 60 miles away but you find a woman who looks very interesting but lives 70 miles away then perhaps you can exercise a little discretion with your criteria.

So you see, it is a matter of knowing when to apply the criteria you use to find single women online rigidly and when to apply some leeway.

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