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The Amigos Chat Rooms (Salas de Chat) - Part 4

To help you meet people for Latin chat (encontrar gente de Latin chat) there is a fairly extensive chat help section, which explains in detail how to use the chat rooms. It details how you can invite gente to join your network while you are inside a chatroom. Likewise, if you are invited to join someone else's network, instructions are given on how to respond. These invitations are only visible to the specific sender and receiver.

You can also choose to ignore one or more gente using the chatroom. If you do this you will not see their chat messages. This is useful if you encounter somebody irritating. You can, of course, also reverse the 'ignore' feature for specific people.

Other Features of the Chatrooms (Salas de Chat)

You can turn on or off emoticons. Also known as 'smilies' or 'smiley faces' these emoticons can be used to convey your mood or to indicate that you are or are not serious when you say something. They are placed at the end of the sentence they relate to.

You can also adjust the refresh rate of the chat messages -- that is how quickly they are displayed to you -- as well as adjust the font, color and size of chat messages. The Chat help section also provides a very useful list of abbreviations to help make easier and speed up chatting. Examples include 'BION' (believe it or not), 'BRB' (be right back) and 'CU' (see you).

Chat Room Safety

Always be suspicious of anyone who asks you for your personal contact information, your password or email address. This is against the rules and the person asking may be up to no good. Do not be fooled by false claims about the identity of the person asking - for example, employees of Amigos.com will never ask for such details. If someone does ask you for such details then report it to the Amigos Abuse Team at once - by doing so you will protect yourself and others. Always remember: never post any of your private contact details or information. It is never safe to do so.

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Encontrar Gente de Latin Chat - Click Aquí

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