Does Online Dating Work - Really?

Advice: Does Online Dating Really Work

by Stephanie Constantina

Short answer: Yes, of course it does. Long answer: it depends what you want from it and it depends on where you go for it. Let me explain...

With all the millions of online dating customers on the Internet and all the thousands of companies and websites marketing online dating, clearly something is working somewhere and somehow. If online dating didn't work then such a significant chunk of the Internet wouldn't be involved the way it is. In fact online dating is one of the greatest success stories of the Internet. But it's like most other things online, you have to make it work for you. If you just sit back, do nothing and expect the Earth then you're probably going to be disappointed.

The Internet seems to offer so much with its often hyped-up headlines proclaiming that all your dreams will come true (whether those dreams are in the area of getting rich, finding fulfilment in other ways or even indeed, in online dating). That's just the nature of the Internet medium: because people and companies are trying to get your attention, and because you can't see them, there's a lot of shouting 'Look at me', out there, 'I'll give you everything you want!'

So how do you make online dating work for you? It's simply really. Understand that the Internet is a two-way communication medium and use it in the light of this. You wouldn't expect to say nothing on the telephone and be successful with every call, would you? The Internet isn't like TV, where you sit still, watch and listen then buy and expect all your needs and dreams to be fulfilled. Despite a lot of people online trying to convince you that the Internet is like TV (in the hope you will buy from them, regardless of whether the product or service actually works) the Internet is in reality an interactive medium, so to be blunt, you have to interact with it to get the results you want.

And what results do you want? Do you want to meet lots iof interesting people of the opposite gender and get to know them? Do you actually want to bed them? Or do you want to marry one of them? In fact all or any of these are entirely realistic and possible with online dating. Online dating does work, but you have to make it work in the way you want it to.

What does this mean? It means being clear about your goals, and presenting yourself online in a way that will help you reach those goals.

First and foremost you have to choose the right dating service, one that won't give you a bad experience. You can find out why I recommend at the following page where I have explained my reasons in detail: Best Online Dating Site.

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SinglesFinders is great for online dating. The site protects both your private details and your email. You can join for free, but if you do then upgrade to a paid subscription later, there is no automatic rebilling of your credit card, unlike with some other sites. It's also free to view the online dating personals. Just go ahead and try out the search below and view some profiles right now! (You don't have to join first, and you never know who you're going to find unless you try.)

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You can also compare dating services and you will see why I think is amongst the best. (By the way, if you are feeling a little shy and would like to approach online dating through more of a pen pals route, then here's a tip: PenPalsPlanet is run by the same people as SinglesFinders, offering you the same protections and level of service).

To sum up, know what you want from online dating and it will work for you. Protect yourself by using a good quality service like those described here, and most of all, be prepared to get involved - dating is interactive in nature, whether online or offline.

Find out more about my recommended service by reading the SinglesFinders FAQs. Or go straight to the photo profiles by clicking on the 'Go To Profiles' button of the Personals Search nearer the top of this page. But do actually do something - remember, online dating isn't TV!

Tip: When using online dating try to actually meet someone sooner rather than later. You don't really want to get emotionally involved with someone only to later discover that there is no chemistry when you meet in person.

Are You A Little Older? Find Senior dating at Visit our best recommendation amongst dating services by clicking on the link, or use the search box higher up this page to view online profiles and meet women or men in your city or your locality today. Find out more about SinglesFinders policies and your online experience here: why choose us.

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