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You've heard it before, but the most important single piece of dating advice you can follow when going on a date is to be yourself.

What does this 'dating tip' mean? It means not putting on any behaviour which isn't you. It means not pretending to be something you are not, and let's be blunt, it certainly means not being untruthful about your job, for example!

If you want to form a lasting relationship with someone then probably the best dating advice or tip is that you are not going to get off to a good start by saying things about yourself that aren't entirely true. When most people hear an exaggeration they at least ask themselves:


'Is this person being completely honest?' Others will see the lie for what it is straight away. Either way you will have created a bad impression.

But if I tell them what I really do or where I really live they aren't going to like me anyway!

Don't be so hard on yourself.  If all your date is interested in is the size of your bank balance then are they worth spending time with anyway?

Seriously, honesty is the key to forming lasting relationships. And this has to begin right from the word go.

Note: As with our dating services, advice and articles here are intended for visitors over 18 years of age. If you are under 18 please do not continue. All dating advice on these pages and our articles elsewhere are advice only - you are responsible for your own actions.

General Advice:

Obviously, when talking by email to somebody you do not know, it is wise to be cautious at first. Be friendly, of course, but do not reveal your phone number or home address until you feel very confident that you can trust the person, and have known them for some time. On the internet, as offline, people you get to know may not have exactly the same reasons for being there as you. This is just commonsense, but still worth saying.

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Reasons why first dates sometimes fail

1. You decide the person is 'not your type'

You might find the person you meet generally attractive, but if you decide at that first meeting that she or he is not 'your type' then the relationship is not going to be given a chance. In other circumstances, when someone gets together with a person they have got to know in a group of friends, this 'not my type' factor is much reduced. Although initially someone might think this of a new acquaintance in a group of friends, as time goes by and they get to know the person, the 'not my type' factor can disappear as the person's personality exerts its influence.

Moral: don't decide too early that she or he is 'not your type', give a little time to get to know your new date first. You might be very pleasantly surprised at how things eventually turn out.

2. You have a low opinion of yourself

Don't worry too much about what your date thinks of you. Obviously you must be well-presented and courteous, but don't decide in your own mind that your date does not like you just because he or she does not say much at first. Your date might be shy, or very worried about what you think of him or her. You might not realise it, but this shyness could hide a strong attraction to you.

Moral: Be yourself, don't be shy, and don't jump to conclusions!

3. You expect too much from a first date or you behave inappropriately

Pay attention to what your date is saying and doing. Don't worry about what kind of impression you are making, or worse, don't do just what you want to do without thinking about what your date might want (such as taking your date night-clubbing when she really wants to go for a quiet drink). The art of successful dating is paying attention to your date's wants and needs before your own -- this is only common courtesy, after all.

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