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Advice on Dating Women for the man who is over 40...

So, you're over 40 now, you're a man and want to get into online dating. Here's some advice that should help get you started. But don't just take our advice, read widely on the subject and remember that you are responsible for your own actions - any advice you put into practice is your choice and what you read is not to blame because you must take responsibility for yourself. This is about personal empowerment.

Getting Back Into Dating Women

Now that you're over 40 you may find it just a little more difficult to begin dating women again. 40 is a psychological barrier for some, though for others it is just another number.

Whatever the case it cannot be denied that it may be sometime since you last dated a women. Perhaps you are newly divorced or you have been bereaved.

Hard though it may be, you have to put aside the past and look to the future as a new period in your life. Respect the past, value the past but understand that you cannot live in the past for the rest of your life. If you are going to be successful in finding a female companion you have to face into the future again. Be clear about what you want and why, then turn towards considering how you can achieve your goals in getting back into dating again.

As a man over 40 you do have advantages over younger men when it comes to dating women again. You are more experienced and perhaps have more wealth than when you were younger.

Don't consider your age to be a disadvantage. It isn't. Rather, think of the advantages as mentioned above. Try to put aside doubts about how women may react towards you. Don't worry about the fact that you have kids or that you are divorced or that it has been a long time since you dated a woman. These things are not very important. If you meet the right woman she will like or love you for who you are. Also, of course, she may have kids and be divorced too!

Just be sure that you have moved on for your divorce and the women you meet will not mind the fact. They will even appreciate how well you get on with your ex as this will show that you are mature and sophisticated. The last thing you should do is carry your divorce around like baggage and keep talking about it when you meet new women.

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