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Dating Services for Older Women Younger Men

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There are two approaches when looking for dating services for older women younger man -- you can either go to a dedicated dating site that aims to match up younger with older, OR you can go to a good general dating site and look for older women who are seeking for younger men (or vice versa). Both approaches can yield results. At the general site you will often see the personal profiles of older women saying they are looking for younger men or the personal profiles of men saying they are looking for a mature woman. And the general site may attract more profiles because it is larger.

Above we are talking about dating sites of older women - younger men for those interested in forming friendships and dating romances, but if you are seeking an older woman or younger man for a casual encounter then you will want to go here: Dating Site for Older Women Younger Men for Casual Encounters (warning: adult content here).

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Why Older-Women-Younger- Men Dating Relationships Are Popular

Not many years ago a relationship between an older woman and a much younger man would have been considered strange, even taboo. It would have been severely frowned upon by family members and friends.

How things can change! Now there seems to be a fashion in which it is almost a status thing for an older woman to date a man who is half her age. In the UK at least, such men were referred to as 'toy boys' during the 1990s and early 21st century.

However, this fashion seems to be giving way to an acceptance that such young-old love relationships are not just a passing fad but are here to stay. That some couples are of mixed age yet still their relationship works over the long term is becoming accepted, at least in Britain and America.

But why do these relationships work at all? Biologically speaking they are not the best possible scenario. What I mean is that in evolutionary terms genes want to replicate themselves through into another generation, yet in the case of an older woman in this type of relationship she may already be past child-bearing age.

Such an understanding of these age-variant relationships can be deceptive however, for human beings are not just about reproduction. If that were true then people would expire once past reproductive age, as is the case with some other species.

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No, older people certainly have important roles to play in being the 'elders' in society, controlling much of society's structures (big business owners, for example are frequently over 60) as well as becoming grandparents to help look after the latest generation of offspring.

The fact is that we look up to older people, both men and women, for guidance and stability in our lives. They were once where we are but they now have the experience to point us in the right direction. We are all raised by older people in some sense of the term, are we not?

So, I believe it is primarily this aspect of older women that makes them attractive to younger men. In a mature woman a young fellow has a sense of stability, experience and authority, characteristics that are powerful attractions in themselves, but all the more so in a love partner.

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