Dating Affiliate Programs
Dating Affiliate Programs

Dating Affiliate Programs for Webmasters

Webmasters, did you know that dating affiliate programs are an excellent way to give your visitors extra content or resources, particularly if a high proportion of your visitors are single. Dating affiliate programs can also be a good way to generate revenue for your site. Let's take a look at one we've started to promote this year (2012). With it we have had good success in a short time by promoting the Dating Affiliate Program here.

How to Promote the Easyflirt Dating Affiliate Program:

Terrible name, I know. But the sites you set up there and promote will have a different name (set up by you) so you won't be promoting something called 'Easyflirt' to your customers.

Despite its name, we have been very impressed with this affiliate program. The staff there are easy to communicate with and helpful in answering your questions and getting you started. You will have your own account manager who is there to help.

How to Find Out More and Get Started

First click here and set up an affiliate program account. Read and follow their guidelines about what you can and can't do.

I must admit that when I first looked at this program I found some parts of it a little confusing. In particular I did not immediately realize that when you set up a new site to promote it comes with other sites in a little group that are all yours to promote. Another small problem was the fact that their terminology is sometimes a bit odd. For example they use 'inscription' to mean free member and 'subscription' for a paying member.

But their promotional materials are absolutely incredible. They really are some of the best I've seen in the dating affiliate industry, which is what drew me to try them to begin with. After promoting them for only a month with just a few banners across a handful of pages I already have 64 Euros. (Yes, they pay in Euros, so what? They convert easily enough into US dollars or UK pounds). The point is, that it is a relatively high amount for only a few links across medium traffic pages. Obviously, if I scale it up I will earn a lot more. It's a lot too when other dating affiliate programs we promote have reduced their payouts significantly in these troubled economic times.

What To Do Next

Having signed up with this affiliate program you need to set up your sites. They are 'white label' which means you can in effect have your own dating section in your existing website, complete with your own logo if you wish. I'm sure you can see the advantages of that over promoting someone else's brand!

Next you have to promote the unique links -- text or banner -- that they give you. This is just a question of copying and pasting the link to your pages. So you will promote it to your web site visitors. You can do this by adding the text and image links. After that it is largely a numbers game. The more places you place your affiliate link the more people will see it and click on it.

An even better way to promote the sites you set up through the Easyflirt affiliate program is to write articles or reviews about these services and publish them to your web site. Include the link to one of the sites you have set up in the reviews. Don't write a lot of hyperbole, but stick to the facts. Be straightforward and honest and then people will appreciate what you say and act on your articles more.

Give it a try. Join the Easyflirt program as an affiliate and put some affiliate links on your web site. Or, if you don't have a web site make one especially. But be certain to write lots of articles, reviews and descriptions for your site or the search engines will not rank it well (also be aware that the search engines may take a while to find and crawl your site). At all costs avoid duplicate content or syndicating other people's content from article directories as the big G no longer likes that one bit.

But to get incoming links you can completely rewrite some of your articles or make entirely new ones and send them to article directories. Include your site link in a resource box at the foot of your article. This will get links to your affiliate site. Do a good job with your site and let us know and we will link to you too. Also submit your site to general directories and search engines for even more visitors. The more genuine links you can get the more your ranking in the search engines will be helped. Get started at the Easyflirt Dating Affiliate Program.

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Disclaimer: Although we have been successful with dating affiliate programs this is NO guarantee or prediction that you will have the same success. Any results suggested or implied are not typical. How successful you are depends in part on how much work you do. Also it will depend upon learning the right ways to promote your web pages and upon your background and skill levels. Nothing on this page is intended to suggest any kind of financial prediction or earnings forecast. This page is NOT business advice. You are responsible for your own successes or failures.

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