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Internet Matchmaking: What's it all about?
by Harriete Oxford
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People have been matchmaking since there were people to match make with, either trying to set themselves up with someone of their choice or trying to help out a friend by introducing that friend to someone who is 'just right' for the person concerned. In the twentieth century matchmaking services came into their own, and as the Internet gains ground in the twenty-first century, online matchmaking sites have become the way forward for many single people.

Made fashionable by films such as 'You've Got Mail' (starring Tom Hanks) online matchmaking services have made their appearance at a time when increasing numbers of people are working from home or in jobs in which they just don't have the opportunities to meet potential life partners. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of sites offering matchmaking services online? There are few disadvantages, but those which do exist are of the kind one associates with any interaction of people through web sites, chiefly of the kind: "don't trust anyone until you are completely sure they are trustworthy".

After all, the internet is a medium in which facial expression and body language are missing, not to mention that people can come and go in cyberspace without any clue as to their real world location.*   But with a sensible approach such problems are overcome, and it is at this point that the advantages of online matchmaking services and sites come into their own.

The first main advantage has to be the sheer number of people you have access to online. The site, for example, utilizes the database of its associate company PenPalsPlanet, which is accepted as being part of the network of one of the largest online matchmaking services of its kind.

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By using the search box on the pages of you can literally view the details of more potential matches than you could possibly make contact with in a month of Sundays. The database is positively VAST, and it's a worldwide one too, allowing you search at home or further afield.

The next big advantage is cost. Joining an online matchmaking service is usually many times cheaper than anything you could find offline. What's more, through the site you can dip your toe in the water for free, by browsing the personals whenever you like without any need to pre-register, as with some online matchmaking sites and services. You can even place your own ad completely free, which can't be bad.

Add to these advantages the ease and convenience of the Internet and you've got it made. Your chances of finding the right person for you have just gone up by a huge amount! Aren't we all lucky to be living in the age of the Internet.

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Matchmaking at PenPalsPlanet

*For more on the potential pitfalls of meeting people online and how to avoid these pitfalls go to this article:
Matchmaking services: Playing it Safe Online

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