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To browse the Costa Rican pen pals just go to the panel on the right of this page and select whether you are a man looking for a women or the other way around. Click the 'go to profiles' button and you will then reach extensove listings of profiles with photos of people in Costa Rica. I wonder who you will find: maybe someone very special indeed.

Did you know that Costa Rica is a small, tropical country in Central America that has a population of beautiful women and handsome men? With their Latin looks, their dark hair and bright smiles, this is a population of happy attractive people waiting to meet you. They also make great pen pals!

Most of the population is rural, and the economy is not as rich as that of the US or of European countries. The Costa Rican people are also traditional in their beliefs and approach to life, so please respect their ways and understand that there will be some cultural differences between you and your new pen pal. The main spoken language in the country is Spanish.

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All About Costa Rica (And Why You Should Visit It)

You like beautiful places, don't you? You'd love to visit somewhere that is a tropical paradise with women and men to match wouldn't you? Welcome to Costa Rica. It may be a fairly poor country economically speaking but it's very rich in terms of natural landscape and culture.

Located in Central America, the Costa Rican population is of just over 4 and a half million people. So it's not crowded either, even given its relatively small size when compared to the US for example. Yet it's big enough for you to find plenty of pen pals there. That's one of the beauties of having pen pals in wonderful, tropical places. You can dream about visiting them in their own land, then one day, if you are very lucky you can fulfil your dreams and meet your Costa Rican pen pal in the flesh.

Geographically-speaking Costa Rica certainly has a great location, being bounded on one side by the Caribbean Ocean and on the other by the Pacific. Blue water, blue skies, what more do you need? The Pacific rollers are large and afford excellent surfing opportunites on the extensive sandy beaches. Inland their are rain forests, hot springs and volcanic mountain ranges full of amazing vistas and sites to visit once you get there and meet your pen pal face-to-face.

The Poas volcanoe has the largest crater for an active volcanoe in the world. You can even see lava at another volcanoe not too far away known as 'Arenal'.

But you won't see any of this if you don't make a starting point for this dream to come true. A good starting point is to find a pen pal or two in Costa Rica. That way you can get to know some of the people and some of the culture. Before you know it you will have a reason to visit this wonderful country, to see your pen pal in person of course! That's the great thing about having pen pals, after a time you get to go and visit them and experience their country first-hand.

So, begin now. Search above and find someone in Costa Rica to become your new pal!

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