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How to Contact Women or Men Online - by Stephanie Constantina
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So you've joined PenPalsPlanet's online dating service and now you want to contact women or men online... How to go about it?

The first thing you should know when making contact through an online dating service is that you can contact several women or men at the same time. Clearly, by doing so, you will more quickly find the woman or man you are looking for. However, you need to keep this manageable. It's no good contacting a large number of women or men, sending each of them the exact same message and losing track of who has replied and who hasn't.

If you do this, the people you contact will quickly lose interest in you. By far the best approach when contacting singles online is to begin by making a handful of contacts and tailoring each email you send on an individual basis.

Contact Point for Local Singles Online for Dating?

Whether you want a contact point for local singles or are looking further afield, how do you choose which singles to contact? Most people, when meeting in the offline world, go initially on appearance. It is no different on the net. People look initially at the photos accompanying dating profiles. But you should make this a starting point only in your search for the ideal woman or man. Read beyond initial impressions, try to find a point of similarity with yourself, something you have in common, a shared hobby for instance.

You may not have much to go on when first contacting someone, as the online dating profiles are necessarily brief. This is why you need to contact a few women or men to begin with.

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Now we must face the gritty question of what do you say when making that first contact with a stranger.

How to email a woman or man at a free or paid online dating agency

A good approach is to send a short to medium length message to your contact which is friendly, to the point, and not over-familiar. You should try to take the approach you might with a new work colleague. Be friendly of course, and at all costs avoid anything that borders on lewd comments! Pick up on something in the woman or man's online profile to ask about, but keep it light and casual -- you don't want to come across as if you are interrogating!

On the other hand, if you don't ask any questions you may not get any answers. Asking a question in an email prompts the other person to answer and so to reply. Also tell the other person about your own interests and hobbies, giving then something to talk about in a reply -- and so the online conversation will carry on.

Be careful, especially in that first contact, when commenting on the woman or man's picture-- it's okay to say the other person looks attractive or nice, but don't get too personal. You do not want to give the impression that you are only interested in the other person for the way they look. In any case, if you are considering dating this man or woman then you are not only interested in how they look anyway are you? Relationships begin with mutual physical attraction then go on to deepen through a meeting of minds and personalities.

When making first contact with a woman or man who attracts you online do not fill your initial email with a glowing description of yourself and how wonderful you are. You will easily come across as self-centred. Be warm, friendly, brief, interested in the other person, and not too personal. Humour is fine as long as it is not over-done. You do not want to sound so wacky that you confuse and put off your potential date. Your approach should be aiming to start a new friendship, rather than a romantic encounter.

If you don't get a reply the first time you email the woman or man who attracted you in the online profiles, try again with a different approach. You might want to think about how you would react to your own email - put yourself in the other's shoes. If your second email does not elicit a reply, move on to somebody else. But if you do get a reply, try to respond quickly -- nobody likes to be left hanging on, wondering, especially when meeting people for the first time.

In this first and in subsequent emails don't say anything that you might find embarrassing later if you meet the friends of the woman or man you are contacting -- often people share initial emails with their friends.

Once a conversation gets going, do not be tempted to believe everything that the other person says. People are not always genuine. This brings us on to the question of online safety. Never give out your personal contact details or personal information. Keep to the emailing system in your PenPalsPlanet membership.

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Read the article above about how to contact women or men online for dating. It explains how to make first contact whether you are using a contact point for local singles online or contacting international women or men by email using a free or paid service.

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