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Comparison Cost: Dating Online Services under scrutiny...

To make a comparison by cost of online dating services is one way to make a decision about which one to join. However, it is not necessarily the best way, especially since the cost of some dating services is around the same amount.

This being the case, a much better way to choose other than by making a comparison cost of dating services is to look at what are the most important features of a dating online service. (See our top rated dating service to the right, which compares favourably with others by both cost and features.)

For more on comparing features view this page: Dating Online Services: Compare. Below is a comparison cost chart of dating online services (which is our own price comparison of internet dating services).

Comparison Cost: Dating Online Services 
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Dating Service 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
$49.95 $69.95 $99.95
FriendFinder $9.95
Yahoo! Personals
$50.97 $77.94
eHarmony $59.95 $110.85 $173.70 $251.40

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1. Prices in the Comparison Cost: Dating Online Services chart are given for the specific time period they cover and not as proportions. For example, Yahoo give a price at their website of $12.99 per month but this price is a proportion of a larger figure and only applies if you pay for a 6 months subscription as one transaction.

When we compare dating online services by cost and by features we put at the top.

Cost of Dating Online service: PenPalsPlanet

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PenPalsPlanet protects your personal data and your email address. You can join for free, and if you upgrade to a paid subscription there will be no auto-renewal of your subscription, which is not the case with many other services. It's also free to view the profiles. To find out more click the link above.

Or to go the PenPalsPlanet profiles select from the drop-down menus below, then click the 'Go to Profiles' button. You'll be taken directly to the profiles of your choice at our choice when rating online dating services by cost and by features:

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This page is for making a comparison cost of dating online services...


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Comparison cost: dating online services -- on this page we carry out an analysis in which we compare dating services based on prices.

Likewise eHarmony give a price of $20.95 per month but you have to pay for a $251.40 subscription for 12 months as a single transaction. On this basis PenPalsPlanet would cost $8.33 per month based on a $99.95 12 month subscripton. The only service that may be described as 'outdoing' this is FriendFinder's single month subscription. However, FriendFinder is nearly 50% more expensive for a 12 month subscription when compared with PenPalsPlanet.

2. Wherever possible, the lowest prices available have been given in the 'Comparison Cost: Dating Online Services' chart above. However, these may in some cases be 'offer' prices that pertain to a specific or limited time period.

3. The accuracy of information in the Comparison Cost chart cannot be guaranteed and visitors to this page are urged to carry out their own verification of features or details. Information has been compiled from the individual websites of the online dating services concerned. This information may become out of date in time.

To sum up, when making a comparison cost of dating services online comes out on top (with the exception of the FriendFinder single month subscription). On how far you are protected, PenPalsPlanet comes out on top here too, amongst the dating services reviewed above. The most expensive of online dating sites was eHarmony , however, eHarmony offers a different service, based on personality matching, so it not really a fair comparison.

Find out more about PenPalsPlanet policies and your safety: Why rate us.

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