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To compare dating online services isn't as straightforward as might be imagined. In some cases direct comparison of features is not possible, while simple lists of how many features a dating service has may imply a superiority in the service that does not really exist. Selection of which features used to compare is the most important factor here. Lastly, accuracy of such dating comparison charts cannot be guaranteed, as things change over time, for one thing. The moral here is: never rely on any chart but check out the features of any dating service for yourself -- you are responsible for your own decisions in which dating service you join!

Having said all that and bearing in mind the obvious limitations of charts that compare dating online services, here is our own very simple chart. We've tried to keep it simple but useful. We can't cover all dating services but here are some that are either here because they are amongst the most popular or because they are amongst the most useful, in our opinion. This doesn't mean we endorse all of them. Don't rely on our chart, or on any other chart, but use it as a starting point only to check out the services and then make up your own mind.

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Name of Online
Dating Service
Size of Membership How does cost to join compare? Alexa Traffic Rank Join for free initially? Free Back-
ground Checks?
Money back guar-
Special Features?



Large About average 2,897 Yes No No Variants for different Ethnic/Religious/Age groups

( Network)


Medium to Large About average No data for whole network, but .com
is at 36,487
Yes No No Protects your email address

Yahoo Personals

Yahoo! Personals

Very Large About average

No data for but itself has a traffic rank of 1

Yes No No Popular
Match Very Large Average 369 Yes No No Matching. Extra 6 months free if don't find 'someone special' in 1st 6 months. Terms and conditions apply

Large Higher 1,463 Yes, complete compatability test for free at time of writing No No Patented compatability matching system for more serious relationships


1. The accuracy of information in the above Dating Services Online: Compare Features chart cannot be guaranteed and visitors to this page are urged to carry out their own verification of features or details. Information may become out of date in time. All information on this page should be regarded as opinion only. You are responsible for the decision or otherwise to join any particular dating service.

2. Disclosure: the links in the Compare Dating Online Services chart above are affiliate links. This does not affect how much you would pay if you joined a service through one of these links or not through one of these links.

3. The information on this compare-chart has been compiled from various sources including of course the websites of the online dating services themselves.

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