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Welcome! From this page you can easily find a pen pal from Canada for friendship or even dating. So take a look at our Canadian pen pals profiles right away by using the panel to the right >>> >>> >>>

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Ah, the mystique and wide open spaces of Canada, the wilderness and freedom... How wonderful to find a pen pal in Canada. Right now you can do so by using the panel to the right. It's really very easy to use, all you have to do is make a few selections and click the button. Only a few moments from now you'll be looking at the profiles of Canadian women or men seeking pen pals - the very people you are searching for!

Canadian Pen Pals Points of Interest

Here are some useful points of interest about Canadian Pen Pals.

  • The phrase 'Canadian pen pals' may in some circumstances be used to stand for 'Canadian dating'. However, as a term, 'Canadian pen pal' has less hard, somewhat more friendly edge to it, and this is probably reflected in the intentions of the serchers using the phrase. To put it another way, the man or woman who searches for Canadian pen pals is most likely taking a more reserved tack, looking only for Canadian friends to begin with, perhaps with the idea that one of his or her new Canadian friends might eventually become a dating partner...

  • The stereotype of Canada in some places in the world is as a place of snow and wilderness, yet this belies the reality. Much of southern Canada has a much more gentle climate, while the Canadian cities are sophisticated, high-tech places inhabited by technology-savvy professionals.

  • French is one official language of Canada, so it may be possible to find Canadian pen pals who speak French, if you so desire.
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This page is for Canadian pen pals to find each other or people outside Canada...

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