Women Over Fifty Dating Men Over Fifty
By Stephanie Constantina, in-house writer at SingleDating.com

Life has a way of moving on when you least expect it, don’t you find? You never really expected to be over fifty and now you are. A man or woman over fifty dating again, or wanting to start dating. But where do you begin? Has dating changed a lot since you were in your twenties?

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Well, yes and no. What makes relationships tick when it comes to men dating women over fifty is pretty similar to what made relationships tick when you were in your twenties or thirties (of course there are some differences relating to stage of life — see Mature Singles Dating Tips Over Fifty for more on this). What has changed markedly though is the means available to you now, as an over fifty, that you can use to find women or men to date. I’m talking about the Internet, of course — you guessed.

The Internet has brought people together in a way that has never happened before: suddenly you can make contact with people on the other side of the planet if you wish to. Or you can connect with many more people — over fifty or otherwise — nearer home. Dating women over fifty and dating men of the same age suddenly becomes a whole different prospect if you have a web browser and know how to use it.

But isn’t online dating over fifty a bit tacky? Not a bit of it, who have you been listening to? Not someone who actually uses the Internet, that’s for sure. Online dating for the over fifties — or any age — has come of age itself. It’s now a huge industry, considered the normal way to date in many quarters. Just look at the facts, if you want to date a woman over fifty and you can use the Internet then you have access to vast numbers of potential over fifty women or men. You can browse their profiles, look at their photos, see what they have to say about themselves — all at no cost. That’s a fun process in itself.

Then, when you find a few women over fifty that stand out from the crowd so much that you’d love to date them it’s easy to send them an email to see if they might be interested in you. You don’t have to go on blind dates any more to find out what someone is like. You’re no longer restricted to the few women over fifty who you know from work or who live in your immediate neighborhood. You can in fact find someone to date anywhere in the world, if you want to.

But a word of warning for women over fifty dating men of the same age online, and vice versa. Use a reliable and high quality dating site to look for suitable people. You need one that doesn’t post fake profiles, that protects your pesonal data and your email address, one that doesn’t charge you automatically each month as so many do. Also, stay away from the totally free sites (as opposed to those that let you join for free initially) as they can’t usually afford enough staff to provide a quality service (you usually get what you pay for, after all).

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