Will I Ever Get Married, Am I Ready To Get Married and Do I Want To Get Married At All
Marriage Attitudes, They’re Funny Things…
By Stephanie Constantina, In-House Writer at SingleDating.com

There’s a whole bunch of getting married questions here that we often hear asked. It’s a vast area, both confused and complicated, by turns sometimes tragic and funny, but let’s see if we can tease out some of the threads and make some sense of it all.

Firstly, “Will I ever get married?” is a question that can sound a little desperate, it often comes from the sense of despair that emanates from someone who considers him or herself unlucky in love. Yet at the heart of this question lies negative thinking. It does not really reflect the reality of anyone’s situation, no matter how real their sense of failure may seem. Negative thinking is a kind of mental groove that anyone can slip into and get stuck there — temporarily, at any rate. But that’s all it really is, a kind of thinking, not a reflection of reality. Change the thinking and you are more likely to change the reality.

When someone is asking “Will I get married?” the answer has to be, on balance and statistically speaking: “Yes probably, if you want to.” Why? Because most people do get married, regardless of their own self-image or how negative that self-image might be. In other words there are plenty of people out there who never thought they would get married, and whose physical or mental attributes would probably be regarded as worse than yours. Yet they got married, so why not you?

If your objective in life is to get married then perhaps you should be asking the question: “How can I increase my chances of getting married?” You can attack this question on all fronts: you can improve yourself physically and perhaps more importantly you can learn ways to free yourself of negative thinking and make yourself into a fun-loving bubbly personality who is also loyal and kind — someone who almost anybody would be proud to marry.

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The question am I ready to get married is a whole different kettle of fish. This question is most likely coming from someone already in a relationship who is considering marriage to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Am I ready, is the crux of the matter. The answer depends upon what you are expecting from marriage as such, whether you really want to still be with the same partner in 30 years time, how old or mature you are at the moment, whether it will interfere with your career or other goals in life, and so on.

At the other end of the scale from “Will I ever get married?” is “Do I really want to get married?” Considering that so many marriages end in failure this is a fair question to ask. In answering it for your own special situation you will have to take into account what you want from marriage, why you are considering getting married and how it could change things in your relationship by getting married. There’s a lot to think about there! In the end, perhaps, it all comes down to love and where you would like to be with that in a few years time.
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