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Where to meet men, the question in the minds of many single women who are looking for a nice boyfriend. It can be a problem, you don’t want to frequent bars where the wrong kind of man might try to chat you up.

So, where to meet men who are nice? Where do the nice guys hang out. Of course there are lots of places, (and some are explored in the article below) but there’s one obvious place staring you in the face, a place you should checkout at least alongside other places, and perhaps even before them.

That place to meet men is online. Yes, it’s obvious I know, but so many women are meeting men online these days that it’s becoming as normal as meeting guys through your job or through a friend.

A big advantage to meeting men online is that you have the time and space to try to weed out the less desirable men. Of course you can never be sure if a man is a nice guy until you meet in person (and maybe not even then), for the Internet does give people the ability to appear to be what they are not, but perhaps that is outweighed by the advantages.

Where to Meet Men Online

But where to meet men online can be as big a question as where to meet guys offline. There are simply so many options on the Internet. Here at SingleDating.com we always recommend you Meet Men at PenPalsPlanet.com. The pen pals approach may put less pressure on you than a direct dating approach. What’s more, PenPalsPlanet.com protects your personal data beyond that of many other sites, and it has millions of men worldwide looking for single women. You can join for free too, another plus point.

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We previously had an article here on places to meet men who are nice. You can still read it at ezinearticles.com/?Where-to-Find-a-Nice-Guy&id=4582809. Basically, what the author says in the article is that many women make the same mistake over and over again. If they meet a man in particular circumstances then the relationship goes sour, instead of looking somewhere else next time they will often try to find men in the same location or circumstances as before, experiencing similar relationships that also go sour.

As she is talking about where to find guys offline, the author then goes on to suggest some places where you could try to find someone nice. She suggests book stores and libraries. The men there are more likely to be steady guys who will not be so likely to let you down. You have to get over the barrier of striking up a conversation with them, but being surrounded by books as a subject matter that shouldn’t be too difficult.

The only drawback I can see in this is that if you are in a library the other library users may not like you talking and they will certainly not want to listen to your chat-up lines in a large space that is otherwise silent. Still, it could work sometimes and is more likely to work in book stores.

She then goes on to suggest as places and ways to meet men, friends’ suggestions, charity events and churches. I might add art galleries, museums, sports stores, supermarkets and just about anywhere that nice guys might be found. None of these beat online though, in my opinion.

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