Where To Find Women: In Your Area Or Online?

Is it best to look for and find women in your area locally, or is it best to find women online? Of course there’s nothing to stop you looking in both places! :-)

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Facts are facts, though, and when it comes to the best place to find women, the Internet is going to win hands down every time. Why? Well it’s obvious really, isn’t it. Statistically it’s going to be easier to find women online simply because there are so many women online looking for men. It’s a numbers game of course. You’re more likely to find someone special if you have lots of women to choose from: it makes sense, doesn’t it.

Having said all of that, as I mentioned above, there’s no reason to exclude the idea that you can find women in your area. Keep your options open. You just never know how things might work out.

Resources for Where to Find Women:

Below we have advice which looks at where to find women in your area. But first some useful links to more information around this topic so important to single men.

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The best places to meet women in your area has both similar and different advice to that given by our guest author’s article lower down this page. Worth reading both, I say.

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Looking at the issue from the other side, so to speak, this advice page looks at where to find men if you are a women. Of course it stands to reason that the advice is going to be pretty similar whether you’re a man or a woman, and you wouldn’t advise women to try to find men in one place while advising men to find women somewhere else, would you…

Where to Find Women to Date
Somewhat mixed ideas from online users at Yahoo Answers on the subject where to find women to date. You need to scroll down a bit to find some of the more sensible answers.

Where To Find Women In Your Area

Finding women online at PenPalsPlanet.com has to be the number one strategy, but it’s a good idea to supplement this approach with looking for local women offline too. If you have the time for all this, that is! (Don’t you have a job to go to? Only kidding…)

Bars, bars and bars: why do people look for women in bars? It can sometimes be successful but the truth is that it isn’t a good strategy at all. What kind of women do you expect to meet in bars? The home-loving, girl-next-door type? I don’t think so.

Have you considered attending dance classes? Now that may sound offbeat to you, but a lot of available young women attend dance classes. More importantly, perhaps, not many men do. So if you’re the only man at the class you get to dance with each girl in turn as part of the dance-learning process.

This gives you a few minutes with each girl at least during any one session. Plenty of time to try a few funny comments. Don’t use chat-up lines, there’s no hurry here to get the girl before someone else does. Be funny, get to know the girls and who knows you might be dating one of them after a couple of dance sessions!

Which brings me on to the idea of sharing a common interest. In the history of humanity sharing a common interest has always brought people together. This is one reason why romances flourish during wars, for example. If you can find single women who share a common interest with you then you’re probably half-way to going out with them. As with the dance classes idea, you just have to find things in your area where you can share a common interest with the single women who go there. Have you thought about evening classes for example?

A good plan is to find out everything that’s happening in your area. You can do this from local websites as well as local libraries, tourist information centers and so on. Then wittle down your list to the ones that look promising.

Volunteer organizations, book-reading clubs and sports clubs are all further possibilities that should appear on your list if you do your research properly. Getting out there and talking to single women regularly will help to build your confidence too.

On balance then, it’s good to find women online AND in your local area. Chances are though that you’re going to have many more women to choose from online.

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