Where To Find Older Women Online and Offline
By Stephanie Constantina, our in-house writer here at SingleDating.com.

Have you been asking “Where can I find older women?” This post aims to give you some clear pointers on where you can meet older mature women.

Where you will look for a mature woman depends on first and foremost on your purpose. Are you looking for a wife of your own age, for example? Do you just want to meet people for companionship? Or are you a younger man seeking older women?

Your answers to these questions will to a large extent determine where you search for older, more mature women. Below I’ve listed some places to find older women depending upon your own age and reason for searching.

1. You are a man over 40 seeking women over 40.
If, by “older women” you are thinking “women over 40″ then allow me to direct you to our resources page for this age group here at SingleDating.com: Mature Single Lady Over 40. There are many dating services for the over 40s available and our page will point you in the direction of the best of them. You can also check out the over 40 singles at PenPalsPlanet.com, our recommended dating service. Just use the age and location search filters in the navigation menu on the left of the page.

2. You are a man over 50 who wants to find a woman over 50.
Our Baby Boomer Dating page should contain the resources and links you are looking for if you fall into this age category. You might want to also check out the surprising statistics about this age group to be found at Dating Over 50 is the Norm.

3. You are a man over 60 wondering where you can find older women online.
Here at SingleDating.com we have advice pages to suit you too, such as Senior Personals and Senior Pen Pals. The main service recommended by each of these pages is Senior Pen Friends .com, a gentle, well-run service that protects your private info and email address, and is also very reasonably priced if you buy an upgrade. Initially you can join for free to check it out, and you might even meet senior people that way too.

4. You are a younger man who wants to find older women for dating.
Sometimes called ‘cougar dating’ because the older women interested in dating younger men are known as cougars, you can check out our advice and resources page: Dating Sites For Older Women and Younger Men

5. How to find older women offline.
Perhaps you are wondering “Where can I find older women offline?” Well, to some extent the same advice applies to meeting women offline whatever the age group you are in, you just have to be a little creative about it and adapt your searching to suit the age group you are interested in. Check out our advice here: Best Places to Meet Women Offline and Online.

I think that should cover most categories of men trying to find older women!

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