What Makes Women Attractive To Men?
By Andy Hugo Twentyman, writing exclusively for SingleDating.com

Did you know that women with small feet are more attractive to men? Or that women with longer thigh bones and narrower hips seem more attractive to men? What about height — taller women have been found to be a little more attractive it appears…

What am I talking about? It’s the latest research from an evolutionary psychologist, Jeremy Atkinson, carried out at the University at Albany, New York (and reported in New Scientist looking at why men find women attractive with small feet). Now before I say any more, let me point out to the large-footed, short, wide-hipped women amongst you that there’s no need to panic. It was a small sample of only 77 white male students who took part in the research.

What’s more, we all know that there’s a lot more to physical attraction than stereotyped conclusions, don’t we. It may well be that what Jeremy Atkinson has discovered is true as far as it goes, but if being tall, small-footed and narrow-hipped is the only thing that counts then there would be few successful marriages involving women outside that narrow range, and that simply isn’t the case. There’s just a whole lot more to it in the real world…

So what else makes women attractive to men?

So many things. If women smell nice, dress well, look good. Women who have fun personalities, are loyal, loving, kind… Women with wide sexy hips, women who are short and make men want to protect them… Women with big feet that make them strong and reliable — if that’s what a man finds attractive. That’s what it comes down to: not all men share the same ideas about what makes women attractive. Far from it, there are as many characteristics of women that different men find attractive as there are men in the world.

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