Virtual Dating: Some Definitions and Where to Find It Online

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Virtual dating sounds cool doesn’t it, the idea of meeting up in cyberspace with great looking people of the opposite sex and getting to know them. But are they real people? Is this what you want anyway? Let’s sort out the myths from the facts as well as seeing where you can find virtual dating online.

Firstly you have to tell the difference between virtual dating and virtual dating games online. Virtual dating games are just what they sound like, fictional but interactive scenarios in which you go on a virtual date with a character in the game — there’s no one actually playing the game but you. Here’s an example: Virtual Dating Game Online. It can be fun for a few minutes, but if your goal is to meet real people then it isn’t going to get you any closer to a real date with a real person.

So what is Virtual Dating as opposed to Virtual Dating Games Online? With Virtual Dating you get to meet real human beings but in cyberspace. You each choose an atavar and you meet in situations of your choosing inside a virtual world. Very few online dating sites offer this form of virtual dating but has been offering their vDate or ‘virtual date’ feature recently: Virtual Dating at (You have to join for free to use this.)

How effective is virtual dating in getting to know real people? Are there any advantages? Researchers at MIT and Harvard reported that “people who had had a chance to interact with each other by computer only on a virtual tour of a museum subsequently had more successful face-to-face meetings than people who had viewed only profiles.”[Virtual Dating and More] In other words, by extrapolation, people who get to know each other first through a virtual date should be better able to get on with each other when and if they subsequently meet in person.

Another advantage of virtual dating is that it removes any safety issues there may be around real first dates. For more on such safety issues visit Safe Online Dating With Singles.

Although both men and women enjoy virtual dating, it has been shown to be particularly favored by women. This may be because going on a virtual date allows women is to have more control over who they date and where they go on that date. Using virtual dating online can also help prevent large amounts of email which sometimes happens when women date using more traditional online dating.

To date the only place which I know of that has offered virtual dating is and its sister sites. You can find out more about virtual dating and give it a try for yourself here: Virtual Dating at

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