Things to Talk To Girls About
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It can be a big problem, can’t it, what to talk about with girls. You’ve just met this great girl, either at our recommended dating site or perhaps at work or college… Things are going well, you’ve got over the hello’s and finding out her name, she’s looking up at you, looking deep into your eyes… Then — duh! Nothing more comes out of your mouth. Suddenly, just when you need it least, your brain says, “Well, that’s all I’m doing for today, you’re on your own now bud.”

Before you know it the great girl you’ve been trying to talk to for a week has made an excuse and drifted away. “Wait!” you want to say, “There’s so much I want to tell you!” But you don’t because you know nothing is going to come out of your mouth.

Things to talk about with girls are actually not difficult to find at all, and holding a conversation with a girl you like is actually pretty easy once you begin to relax and enjoy it. That’s the key, relaxing.

You have to feel comfortable and calm, not listening to the pounding of your heart and wondering what she is thinking of you.

So, how do you learn to relax when talking to girls? As with almost anything you want to be good at, it takes practise. To know the things to talk about with girls it helps to be a good all round talker. To be a good all round talker you have to talk to people — not just girls — at every reasonable opportunity you can. This doesn’t mean just talking to your closest friends, it means talking to strangers in the supermarket, at work, online, wherever — whenever the opportunity arises. Not chatting them up necessarily, but just being friendly.

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Once you get more used to talking with strangers and in particular, girls, conversation tends to come naturally. You start to think of girls as people to talk to, not as aloof statues to be admired from afar. Finding topics of conversation will then come naturally and you won’t find yourself wondering what to talk about with girls.

It takes a bit of practise to get to that stage though. So here are some things to talk to girls about, a few starting points you might say, though these are no substitute for becoming the good all round talker I’ve been describing and what you need to become if you are to be good at talking to girls.

So, not as a substitute for being a good talker, but here are some starting topics: talk about something that is happening around you (if you are from the UK the ever-changing weather is a favorite topic!); ask her about her journey to work; ask her what she does in her free time (this could set things up to ask her out if she replies in a suitable way), ask her about her hobbies, whether she has any pets and so on — but don’t make it sound like an interrogation! Let one question naturally lead to another within a subject area, and pad out the conversation with comments about your own life that fit in with what she is saying. “You have a dog? So do I! Mine’s a labrador, what’s yours?”

But what you talk about doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you talk about it. You have to come over as relaxed, confident, comfortable, interesting and fun to be with. And practise, my friend, is the key to that.

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