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Why you should take out a dating subscription to PenPalsPlanet.com? Nowadays most people seeking pen pals are actually looking for dating — that is what they have in mind. But they may not want to join a straightforward dating site because they find it too “in your face”. So, by joining a pen pals site where practically everyone knows that dating is on the cards at some point, sooner or later, such people have a more relaxed dating experience. They are not forced to consider each contact they make as a dating contact, for maybe the people contacting them are just interested in being friends.

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Why choose Pen Pals Planet to take out your dating subscription? Here are some reasons that just don’t apply to so many dating services:

  • Dedicated staff running the site who want you to succeed.
  • No fake profiles (some sites use them to lure people into taking out a dating subscription).
  • New features added with regularity (unlike some sites that haven’t changed in years). The latest new features at PenPalsPlanet.com are virtual dating (vDate) and the addition of a new dating expert to the team.
  • Thriving site with hundreds of thousands (even millions) of members
  • Paid upgrades (your choice, as you can stay as a free member) are NOT billed automatically to you every month, unlike most dating services, so you only pay for what you use.
  • Don’t ignore this one, taking out a dating subscription at Pen Pals Planet may be the best choice you ever made.

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