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Army Dating Site

Army Dating Site By Stephanie Constantina Welcome! This page contains resources for army dating, as well as quick access to what I regard as the best army dating site, Military Pen Pal .net. Why do I regard it as the best? In a nutshell because it protects your personal details (many don’t!), has a large [...]


Army Pen Pals and the Dating Jungle

Army Pen Pals – The Dating Jungle? To go to the Military pen pals profiles, click here. Today we have another military pen pals and dating article from guest author Andrea Carless. In a wry and humorous take on dating army pen pals, the author focuses on the stereotypical idea of men as hunters. It’s [...]


Military Pen Pal Services Online

Military pen pals is a category of pen pals that has become very popular in recent years. If you go back to the millenium and look at search statistics you’ll find that hardly anyone was searching for military pen pals in those days (when compared with other types of pen pals searches). To go to [...]