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So, have you thought about soldiers as pen pals? That is, writing to soldiers on a penpals-basis?

If you are looking for friendship with a member of the opposite sex that may lead to romance, then soldiers pen pals could be for you. Why? Because soldiers are said to make good pen pals. They are people who have dedicated their careers to serving their country, so characteristics such as loyalty play a big part. Our guest author Sian Massey writes about this further down this page: she is talking about all kinds of military singles, but what she says applies to the more specific group of soldiers pen pals too, of course.

Naturally, if you are going to write to soldiers pen pals you must respect the position they are in: talking politics that relate to their situation is probably not a terribly good idea. Likewise you must appreciate that, if posted abroad, soldiers will be keen to hear news from home, so treat your soldier pen pals with care and consideration.

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Other resources worth mentioning in the context of soldiers pen pals are as follows. Soldiers Pen Pals Projects looks at the idea of sending letters and supplies to soldiers around the world. Army Pen Pals looks at the considerations you must make when contacting army or soldier pen pals, while their page Military Pen Pals Resources covers all the resources related to military pen pals and soldiers pen pals at that site. You could also try checking out the soldiers pen pals listings at Bing: US Soldiers Pen Pals as well as at Google: Soldiers Pen Pals

Finally, don’t forget that the place we always recommend singles to go to meet soldiers pen pals or any category of military pen pals is Military Pen Pal .net. There you can join for free and access a vast database of soldier penpals as well as other kind of military penpals.

Soldiers Pen Pals: To view the Soldiers Pen Pals Profiles, click here.

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